Purple Corn for Regulating Body Fat Storage

purple lose weightYou want to reduce body fat and weight just ingesting corn? Then do it with purple corn supplements. Clinical studies discussed on the blog site, “Life Enhancement,” in the article titled, Purple Corn Color May Help Prevent Obesity, showed that purple corn’s effects on body fat is contradict the accumulation of adipose tissue or fat.

A high purple corn diet suppresses large increases in liver total lipids as well as liver triglycerides when you eat fatty food. Specifically, this means purple corn anthocyanin prevents the enzyme fatty acid synthase from synthesizing palmitic acid (a fatty acid) that comes from too much glucose or sugar in the body. Whenever we eat, food turns into sugar, especially fatty food. From palmitic acids fat molecules are synthesized by other enzymes. Thus, you lessen palmitic acids, you reduce body fat. Purple corn helps you with this.

Getting rid of obesity gets rid of a host of other deadly ailments. Obesity or abnormal weight gain births other serious ailments like heart problems, hypertension, cancers and diabetes, to name a few. Excess fat in the body can disrupt the functions of your pancreas and prevent insulin from getting into cells for burning due to blocked cell receptors. That’s type two diabetes. Worse, your pancreas is too affected by fats so that it produces zero insulin. That’s type 1 diabetes.

Obesity worsens other diseases in somewhat the same way–blocks or prevents the natural function of body organs. Thus, the clear solution is weight reduction to reduce fat, and purple corn has been shown to work powerfully in this regard.

A lot of artificial weight loss pills has been shown to produce dangerous side effects in people who take them. The body is designed to respond well and safely with natural food, not synthetic drugs. If you want the best remedy for weight loss, it has to be through natural food. To boost natural food intake, natural health supplements are among the best options. So try taking purple corn supplements.

The idea is not to get rid of body fat. We need healthy amounts of fats daily–even cholesterol. The proper way then is to have natural healthy food regulate our fat storage in the body. Purple corn anthocyanin is among best options for this.

Purple Corn Anthocyanin and Heart Diseases

heart-attack6Heart diseases together with hypertension is said to be the number one killer in the world today. When you have problems with blood flow in your blood vessels, the heart tends to pump more and work harder. An overworked heart sometimes leads to deadly heart diseases like enlarged heart or cases where a hole in the heart, or ventricular septal defect (VSD), happens. VSD starts during child-birth and is probably caused by an overworked heart due to problems during pregnancy.

Anyway, purple corn anthocyanin has a great potential for helping remedy heart diseases, like heart enlargement or even VSD in children. Because it helps normalize blood pressure, heart diseases can be prevented. In case the heart is already affected, purple corn anthocyanin can aid in alleviating heart defects by normalizing blood pressure and easing heart function.

Moreover, anthocyanin has a connective tissue repair property that may help remedy weakened or damaged blood vessels and firm them up, improving blood circulation to the heart and possibly doing the needed repairs there. VSD may possibly even be patched up by new cells generated from healthy cell production, as cells basically work to form new tissues.

The best health benefit of anthocyanin for heart health is preventing further damage caused by more incidences of atherosclerosis that would stimulate the heart to work harder. Any oxygen or blood lack detected by the hypothalamus in the brain would trigger more heart activity, endangering cardiovascular health of heart patients.

Regular intake of purple corn supplements–like juices or capsules–can prevent or remedy blood or oxygen inhibitions so that the heart remains in a normal pumping mode. Anthocyanin is also an antioxidant that fights free radical damage which greatly contributes in heart problems. The good thing about purple corn health remedies is that, you get no side effects, unlike most synthetic maintenance drugs that remedy a problem but later create more problems in other body parts, and probably more complicated at that.

Your body does not store anthocyanin for long. The purple corn you took today will be gone from your body before long. So you need a fresh round of purple corn everyday.

Purple Corn Anthocyanin and Hypertension

aneurysm-rupturePurple corn anthocyanin helps treat hypertension. About 20 to 30 percent of Filipinos are afflicted with hypertension. It’s worse in other countries like the US. It is often caused by atherosclerosis or the accumulation and clogging of fat or calcium deposits on the arterial walls, stifling the flow of blood. When the walls become too narrow, or worse, finally close, hypertensive stroke happens.

Bad cholesterol flowing in the blood is not really a problem. As long as they do not cling to the blood vessel walls, you’re safe. But they cling once the walls crack. The crack is due largely to free radical damage as a result of stress. When your body is under too much stress, some of your blood vessels crack up and bad cholesterol, fats, and calcium get stuck there, build up, and clog blood flow, leading to atherosclerosis.

Purple corn anthocyanin can help you remedy this. Together with lutein in purple corn, anthocyanin firms up blood vessels at the same time they make them flexible enough to cause vasodilation, or the safe expansion of blood vessels to allow smoother blood flow and decrease blood pressure. Thus, regular intake of purple corn supplements promotes blood vessel health and normalizes blood pressure, alleviating hypertension, if not eliminating it.

Other synthetic drugs for hypertension also effect vasodilation, but eventually, the drug affects the blood vessels negatively, making them brittle or fragile, easily cracking up, even rupturing later, which is dangerous. Purple corn has no such side effect.

When taking purple corn supplements for hypertension, continue taking your maintenance medicine as prescribed by your doctor. But make sure you get regular checkups. As your cardiovascular health improves, your doctor may decrease your maintenance dosage. Let him do that–never self medicate. As your blood pressure improves, your doctor may recommend decreasing your medication, until he tells you to stop it.

Finally, as already mentioned above, taking purple corn has no side effects whatsoever. You can take its supplement form with or without maintenance drugs. In juice or capsule form, this health supplement easily gets digested and absorbed by the body. Taking it in juice form for hypertension, we recommend 60 ml before meals. If in capsule form of 500 mg, take it 2 to 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

Why Purple Corn in Capsules

caps cornWhy purple corn in capsules? A lot of people want to know how purple corn tastes and they can’t imagine how they’d taste it with purple corn in capsules. Well, the best way to find out is buy raw purple corn, boil it, and eat it. But you only get small amounts of its nutrition that way. If you like the nutrition more than its taste. taking purple corn in capsules is among the best options.

First off, it’s so easy to ingest a capsule. Just pop up one and take it with water. If you have a tight daily schedule, preparing purple corn juices won’t probably fit in. Second, you can easily measure your intake and see if it measures up to your body need for the day. For instance, you feel bad and your gums seem to be swollen or you feel likely to get a cold. Just take 5 to 7 capsules. At least you’re sure you took 500 mg of pure, solid purple corn without water or sugar.

Third, capsules are easy to take with you. If you’re on a trip or simply going to the office, a bottle of purple corn juice may be added weight in your bag. What if the lead breaks open and messes other items in the bag? But taking a blister of purple corn in capsules is easier. You can place it in a bag or pocket. No hassle, no messes. Anytime you need it, just pop it and drink.

The same thing for your kids. They may enjoy the taste of purple corn juice, but it may be added weight in their bags and may mess up everything inside it if the lead accidentally breaks open. Just slip a blister into their bags or pockets and they can easily take 1 or 2 during school to boost their immune defense and sharpen their minds. Yes, purple corn anthocyanin boosts mind sharpness in both kids and adults.

Finally, purple corn in capsules is easier to sell. If you plan to be in the business selling the supplement (we can supply you with this) and you need to give prospects free samples, it’s easier to give away 3 to 5 capsules than give away one or two bottles. The ones in bottles are more costly compared to giving away 3 capsules. Moreover, it’s easier to deliver 100 purple corn in capsules than 100 bottles of the same.

Purple Corn Anthocyanin for Weight Loss

purple fitnessAmong other things, one of the health benefits of purple corn anthocyanin is weight loss. First off, everybody knows how corn is a healthy grain rich in dietary fibers so that it gets rid of toxins and fat from the body. Corn eaters are known to have great body physique with trim abs and fit bodies. If you want to lose weight and be fit, start eating corn.

More purple corn glimpses…

Now, you need to eat at least 2 to 3 corncobs a meal. But some people can’t eat more than one corn cob. What do you do? The easy alternative is take purple corn juice juice or capsules. This way, you won’t need to keep munching corn just to get its weight loss benefits. We recommend taking the juice or capsules early in the morning before breakfast.

Purple corn anthocyanin is also a fat burner. Take a purple corn supplement and do workouts–this is a surefire formula for weight loss. To do this, take your purple corn supp 30 minutes before meals and before and after your workouts. Remember, supplements alone will not work for an effective weight loss program. It’s always supplement plus workout.

Purple corn anthocyanin is also good for fat regulation. It means the antioxidant takes care of selecting what fat is good for you, the amount you need, and then gets rid of the excess fat you don’t need. We all need a certain amount of fat and cholesterol in our body to keep our skin healthy and make us look younger, though anything in excess is bad.

So, purple corn anthocyanin makes sure we get only the fat we need, nothing more. Did you know that with a healthy immune system and body homeostasis, our bodies can automatically get rid of fat we don’t need to keep us trim and fit? But with the kind of food we have today–plus toxins in the air and environment–our body system gradually loses the ability to automatically get rid of unwanted fat so that more of it gets stored in us.

Hopefully, regular intake of purple corn anthocyanin will bring back the balance and remedy the problem. So, you need to start taking this unique and powerful Peruvian natural drink today to get glimpses of the health wonders of purple corn.

Purple Corn Glimpses

DSC_0382aEver heard of a purple corn? Well, here are purple corn glimpses.

It’s among the latest buzz words in the health supplement industry today–Purple Corn–and getting plant and nutrition scientists all agog with excitement for the health and healing possibilities it could bring. We’re accustomed to seeing corn in either yellow or white hue, but purple corn? Where is this available and how is this possible? Well, it all started in Peru since the day of creation, according to some records.

It is also said that the original color of corn when God created the world was really purple. But then it changed with time, affected much by global climate changes, said experts. But the original kind somehow withstood the test of time in Peru. However, other experts say the yellow corn evolved to a purple one in Peru where it grew on mountain tops some 15,000 above sea level.

We can imagine what it’s like 15K above sea level–everything harsh and extreme–from sunlight to wind velocity to temperature drops during cold weather to thin air and atmosphere. No plant or corn could survive those extremes, so accordingly, the corn evolved by producing more antioxidants to protect itself from the extreme harms, specifically the antioxidant called Anthocyanin or C3G for short. All bright colored plants and crops are said to have anthocyanin content which dictates what color fruits and vegetables should come in.

Now, here’s what purple corn glimpses we should all have–anthocyanin has also been found to be powerfully effective to promote health and healing in humans during clinical tests done by various research institutes in the world. Particularly, this unique Peruvian crop is said to help prevent or heal hypertension, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, abnormal inflammation, and remedy obesity and aging, among other health problems. This caused much excitement in the world of health and health supplements around the world.

Purple Corn Glimpses makes information and updates on this crop available to you regularly, so do keep in touch with us for more. We also help expedite buying purple corn juice and products–like purple corn in capsules–for you. However, with regards to taking purple corn products regularly, Purple Corn Glimpses advises readers to always check with their medical doctors before doing so, although products we recommend are found to be safe.

Simply contact us (see below) for inquiries, comments, and details on where to purchase. Get glimpses of the health wonders of purple corn and help us spread the Purple Corn Glimpses good news to your friends.