Purple Corn Glimpses

DSC_0382aEver heard of a purple corn? Well, here are purple corn glimpses.

It’s among the latest buzz words in the health supplement industry today–Purple Corn–and getting plant and nutrition scientists all agog with excitement for the health and healing possibilities it could bring. We’re accustomed to seeing corn in either yellow or white hue, but purple corn? Where is this available and how is this possible? Well, it all started in Peru since the day of creation, according to some records.

It is also said that the original color of corn when God created the world was really purple. But then it changed with time, affected much by global climate changes, said experts. But the original kind somehow withstood the test of time in Peru. However, other experts say the yellow corn evolved to a purple one in Peru where it grew on mountain tops some 15,000 above sea level.

We can imagine what it’s like 15K above sea level–everything harsh and extreme–from sunlight to wind velocity to temperature drops during cold weather to thin air and atmosphere. No plant or corn could survive those extremes, so accordingly, the corn evolved by producing more antioxidants to protect itself from the extreme harms, specifically the antioxidant called Anthocyanin or C3G for short. All bright colored plants and crops are said to have anthocyanin content which dictates what color fruits and vegetables should come in.

Now, here’s what purple corn glimpses we should all have–anthocyanin has also been found to be powerfully effective to promote health and healing in humans during clinical tests done by various research institutes in the world. Particularly, this unique Peruvian crop is said to help prevent or heal hypertension, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, abnormal inflammation, and remedy obesity and aging, among other health problems. This caused much excitement in the world of health and health supplements around the world.

Purple Corn Glimpses makes information and updates on this crop available to you regularly, so do keep in touch with us for more. We also help expedite buying purple corn juice and products–like purple corn in capsules–for you. However, with regards to taking purple corn products regularly, Purple Corn Glimpses advises readers to always check with their medical doctors before doing so, although products we recommend are found to be safe.

Simply contact us (see below) for inquiries, comments, and details on where to purchase. Get glimpses of the health wonders of purple corn and help us spread the Purple Corn Glimpses good news to your friends.

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