Why Purple Corn in Capsules

caps cornWhy purple corn in capsules? A lot of people want to know how purple corn tastes and they can’t imagine how they’d taste it with purple corn in capsules. Well, the best way to find out is buy raw purple corn, boil it, and eat it. But you only get small amounts of its nutrition that way. If you like the nutrition more than its taste. taking purple corn in capsules is among the best options.

First off, it’s so easy to ingest a capsule. Just pop up one and take it with water. If you have a tight daily schedule, preparing purple corn juices won’t probably fit in. Second, you can easily measure your intake and see if it measures up to your body need for the day. For instance, you feel bad and your gums seem to be swollen or you feel likely to get a cold. Just take 5 to 7 capsules. At least you’re sure you took 500 mg of pure, solid purple corn without water or sugar.

Third, capsules are easy to take with you. If you’re on a trip or simply going to the office, a bottle of purple corn juice may be added weight in your bag. What if the lead breaks open and messes other items in the bag? But taking a blister of purple corn in capsules is easier. You can place it in a bag or pocket. No hassle, no messes. Anytime you need it, just pop it and drink.

The same thing for your kids. They may enjoy the taste of purple corn juice, but it may be added weight in their bags and may mess up everything inside it if the lead accidentally breaks open. Just slip a blister into their bags or pockets and they can easily take 1 or 2 during school to boost their immune defense and sharpen their minds. Yes, purple corn anthocyanin boosts mind sharpness in both kids and adults.

Finally, purple corn in capsules is easier to sell. If you plan to be in the business selling the supplement (we can supply you with this) and you need to give prospects free samples, it’s easier to give away 3 to 5 capsules than give away one or two bottles. The ones in bottles are more costly compared to giving away 3 capsules. Moreover, it’s easier to deliver 100 purple corn in capsules than 100 bottles of the same.

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