Purple Corn Anthocyanin and Heart Diseases

heart-attack6Heart diseases together with hypertension is said to be the number one killer in the world today. When you have problems with blood flow in your blood vessels, the heart tends to pump more and work harder. An overworked heart sometimes leads to deadly heart diseases like enlarged heart or cases where a hole in the heart, or ventricular septal defect (VSD), happens. VSD starts during child-birth and is probably caused by an overworked heart due to problems during pregnancy.

Anyway, purple corn anthocyanin has a great potential for helping remedy heart diseases, like heart enlargement or even VSD in children. Because it helps normalize blood pressure, heart diseases can be prevented. In case the heart is already affected, purple corn anthocyanin can aid in alleviating heart defects by normalizing blood pressure and easing heart function.

Moreover, anthocyanin has a connective tissue repair property that may help remedy weakened or damaged blood vessels and firm them up, improving blood circulation to the heart and possibly doing the needed repairs there. VSD may possibly even be patched up by new cells generated from healthy cell production, as cells basically work to form new tissues.

The best health benefit of anthocyanin for heart health is preventing further damage caused by more incidences of atherosclerosis that would stimulate the heart to work harder. Any oxygen or blood lack detected by the hypothalamus in the brain would trigger more heart activity, endangering cardiovascular health of heart patients.

Regular intake of purple corn supplements–like juices or capsules–can prevent or remedy blood or oxygen inhibitions so that the heart remains in a normal pumping mode. Anthocyanin is also an antioxidant that fights free radical damage which greatly contributes in heart problems. The good thing about purple corn health remedies is that, you get no side effects, unlike most synthetic maintenance drugs that remedy a problem but later create more problems in other body parts, and probably more complicated at that.

Your body does not store anthocyanin for long. The purple corn you took today will be gone from your body before long. So you need a fresh round of purple corn everyday.

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