Body Building Energy Drinks and Purple Corn Supplements

Vitamin and mineralAside from protein, you need carbohydrates for body building to last a workout, especially a rigid one. But to many bodybuilders, carb is a definite no-no because it can be stored in the body as fat–but not if you workout regularly. But anyway, they still fear carbs. So they avoid it at all costs.

Instead, some of them take energy drinks to last workouts. Do you?

People with stressful work also take commercialized energy drinks. If they need to work overtime and even to the wee hours of the night, they take 2 or 3 bottles of it. Call center agents and public transport drivers are known to be heavy consumers of energy drinks, unaware of their deadly side effects. And why not? Their favorite sportsmen advertise it on TV and billboards. So, energy drinks must really be effective for health.

However, energy drinks–even those vaunted to contain vitamins and minerals or even “natural” nutritious vegetables–are high in caffeine and sugars. In fact, these two are the only ones that give you energy, not the “vitamins and minerals” or the “nutritious vegetable” ingredient. And truth is, many people taking these energy drinks have had their kidneys wrecked and died.

What they’re not telling us is that these drinks increase sugar in the blood and is likely to lead to diabetes. And because the kidneys are affected–unable to filter the toxins which often get stuck somewhere in the kidneys–your nephrologic functions are damaged and your renal system gradually stops functioning normally. All of a sudden, your doctor tells you to undergo dialysis or worse, a kidney transplant.

If you need energy for work or heavy exercise, the best are natural health supplements made from crops known to be high in energy–like corn–but with less fat-storing potential. Everybody knows how corn is an effective energy food, providing non-fattening energy to the body to help it perform at its peak, while also trimming you down to a fit shape because of its rich fiber content.

Therefore, purple corn supplements are among the best and safest natural energy drinks available today. They have zero-chemical content and never get stored up in our bodies–so no need to fear excess fat storage. Moreover, they are nutritious, making your body not only fit but healthy and strong.

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