Stop Catching Cold on Rainy Days

purple_juicing_juice_1108162084Virus seems to proliferate in the air when the weather changes, and especially so during rainy days. And most especially children catch cold easily, not so much due to the rain, but because of their weak immune systems, especially if they’re fond of eating sweets.

And what do some parents do to alleviate the cold? They make their kids drink “fruit” juices and Vitamin C. With so-called “fruit” juices, commercialized powder fruit juices will only make matters worse, even if they claim to be “fortified with Vitamin C.” They are loaded with sugar which gravely weakens the immune system further, especially that of kids.

Plus, they have artificial flavors and colors which are all chemicals and add more damage to your immune defense. Never, give your sick kid these synthetic commercialized “fruit” juices–in powder or liquid form. Vitamin C is good for your kid if it’s the non-acidic type and all-natural.

Synthetic Vitamin C is no good because it only worsens acidity in the body, and acidity attracts virus, infections, and diseases. Synthetic Vitamin C then will only give good effects at the start but will make matters worse, just the same. If you want to give your kids Vitamin C before or during the time they catch cold, give them non-acidic Vitamin C.

Purple corn is rich in Vitamin C. In juice, capsule, or powder form, as long as it comes from genuine purple corn in Peru, you can be sure it is healthy and non-acidic. With its Vitamin C content, however, make sure the purple corn supplement you take is able to preserve its natural Vitamin C. This vitamin is so sensitive it easily evaporates with food processing.

Supplements in capsule form should have its corn content frozen dry to make sure the Vitamin C is kept intact at the time you take it. With high quality Purple Corn supplements having their Vitamin C preserved, you easily protect yourself and your kids from catching cold, or get rid of it if it has already started. Just take 2 capsules of 500 mg each before meals during high incidence of colds, cough, or flu in your vicinity. That’s an effective all-natural way you stop catching cold on rainy days.

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