Purple Corn and Diabetic Nephropathy

kidneyIt not only sounds scary, it is scary–Diabetic Nephropathy. When your type-2 diabetes gets out of control, you may suffer side effects that affect the kidneys. The amount of sugar roaming in your blood and the deadly residues from some anti-diabetes maintenance drugs can damage and later destroy your kidneys, leading to costly dialysis sessions. One session can cost as much as P2,400, and you need 3 sessions a week. That’s P7,200 a week.

If you act now to prevent diabetes with purple corn, 2 liters of purple corn juice costs only P880, and that’s coming from Peru (if you want to know how to buy, just comment below). Purple corn capsules cost lower. Compare P880 a month with P28,800 a month (dialysis for a month). Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

Decades ago, you never heard of dialysis or dialysis centers. Today, they have popped up everywhere like mushrooms. This is due to the heavy use of white sugar in our food, especially those served in fast food stores–ice creams, shakes, fancy beverages, softdrinks in large and “extra large” cups, cakes, and other sweets in the menu. Even too spicy sauces for fried chicken can destroy the kidneys.

The proliferation of commercial energy drinks, over promoted softdrinks and artificial juices add to the picture. Young people and professionals get caught up in the craze and later develop blood sugar and kidney problems without knowing it. The condition later becomes worse and develops into what nephrologists call diabetic nephropathy, or diabetes side effects that affect the kidneys, leading to dialysis.

Small blood vessels in the kidneys, when damaged and destroyed, can lead to debilitating kidney diseases. We should be careful not to overwork the kidneys with unnecessary blood filtering jobs, especially filtering heavy toxins, metals, and other food chemicals. We should always drink plenty of water and less fatty and salty food. And the best antidote is regular intakes of natural health supplements, like Purple Corn supplements.

Purple corn has antioxidants powerful for combating the ill effects of processed food applied with too much chemicals and sugars. These two substances enhance food taste and help preserve them, too, so that most commercial food we buy are heavily bombarded with them. Our kidneys are not designed for such heavy toxins and suffer their harm, together with the harms of diabetes and its treatment. When these two join hands, both your pancreas and kidneys suffer, ending up in diabetic nephropathy.

So take purple corn supplements regularly.

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