No More Migraine Problems

Lazy-Lion-300x198Migraine is due mainly to stress. Your eyes may have been stressed too much by too bright a sunlight (especially during late mornings) or the computer screen, by intolerable noise, or an intolerable situation that increases stress the longer it happens. When your head begins to ache, even a slight movement can aggravate it. So you prefer to stay immobile for hours until it subsides.

Inside your brain, this is what happens. Some blood vessels swell and chemicals from the nerve fibers that coil around are released as the swelling blood vessels apply pressure on them. Then, an artery near the temple area also swells (the temporal artery), releasing chemicals as well that swells the concerned artery further.

Now, since inflammation or swelling is involved, taking purple corn supplements can help. Purple corn anthocyanin has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve swelling and bring everything to normal size–in this case, the swollen blood vessel and artery. When taken regularly, purple corn anthocyanin may help prevent the onslaught of migraine.

Migraine can cause you to change mood abruptly, becoming listless, weak, and unable to do any work. It can disrupt work suddenly, so it’s best prevented that treated. Synthetic anti-inflammatory or pain killing drugs may solve the problem now, but they often cause other health problems later if taken frequently.

The best remedy is to take natural health supplements with anti-inflammatory properties and which do not cause side effects. After taking them, relax in bed or a chair until the pain and nausea subside. It may help to take a relaxing nap to aid in easing the pain. Purple corn supplements plus relaxation or sleep promotes anti-stress benefits.

It is also important to regularly exercise to effect an anti-stress antidote after a stressful work at the office or business. While the migraine is still untriggered, take a brisk walk and stretch, with breathing exercises to prevent and pre-empt a migraine attack. Then back this up with purple corn supplementation.

Anything stressful increases the acidity in your body, and that acidity attracts ailments like inflammation so easily. So, learn to relax even in the midst of stress and pressure–like affording to laugh even in the middle of it all–and take purple corn supplements regularly to combat the effects of increased stress and arterial inflammation in the temple area.

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