Anthocyanin Anti-Cancer Properties


Naturally bright colored fruits and vegetables are generally rich in anthocyanin, a soluble glycoside pigment in plants that produce the natural blue, violet, purple, and red in leaves, flowers, and fruits. Anthocyanin has been found to be powerful for helping in health and healing purposes, and has also been found to have anti-cancer properties.

Stops Tumors

Clinical tests have shown how anthocyanin can stop the formation of tumors and arrest or minimize tumors already in their growing stages. Cysts are the accumulation of abnormal liquid in the body which later may lead to tumors which are accumulations of the abnormal growth of tissues. Tumors may be malignant or benign may sometimes be caused by the accumulation of cancer cells. Before they develop into deadly tumors, taking purple corn supplements may remedy their presence.

Stops Cancer Cells

Anthocyanin has been observed to stop cancer cells from growing and spreading due to its antioxidant action. Cancer cells develop from carcinogenic food we eat–chemicals in food and carcinogens produced through the direct contact of food with fire. So, avoid eating too much grilled food or those exposed to charcoal burns or blackened by the same. But sometimes we have no option but to get to eat them. That’s why we need to take natural health supplements rich in anthocyanin like purple corn supplements.

Apoptosis Action

Apoptosis is the normal or controlled death of cells. Anthocyanin has been observed to effect apoptosis against cancer cells. Instead of staying in the body and wrecking other cells and tissues, anthocyanin can induce apoptosis against cancer cells, “forcing” them to die and become harmless in the body.

Neutralizes Free Radicals

Free radicals are known to aid cancer growth by destroying more healthy cells and weakening the immune system. But anthocyanin can combat free radicals and their harmful effects, neutralizing them to prevent doing anymore harm to healthy cells. Free radicals can damage healthy cells by tampering on their electrons and leaving them in an abnormal state, later turning into free radical or abnormal cells. The more abnormal cells you have, the more prone you are to cancers.

But the idea here is to take enough purple corn anthocyanin supplements regularly. And “enough” doesn’t mean just finding out how purple corn juice tastes or trying some purple corn capsules to see if it’s really effective. Purple corn supplements should be taken like food–regularly–because they are natural food supplements.

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