Advantages of Purple Corn Juice Powder

Purple corn juice powder has both the handiness of capsules and the drinking pleasure that purple corn liquid juice affords. You can take it with you on trips, at the office, or school and easily mix it in a glass of cold water. Presto! You have a tall glass of cold purple corn juice liquid!

You may prepare the powder juice in small sachets to be easily kept in your bag or pouch. Take 3 sachets for your supply during your 8-hour work or schooling. Simply cut off the top edge and carefully pour the powder content into a glass of water and stir or into the mouth of a bottled water and shake. You get the same nutrition that liquids and capsules provide.

But a really valuable advantage of purple corn juice powder is its salability if you’re in the business of selling purple corn juice. Liquid juices can be bulky and heavy to bring along. Capsules may not be every appealing to folks who want something to drink for relaxation. But purple corn juice in powder can solve both challenges. You can take it anywhere to sell it, or buyers can easily take them along without carrying bulky or heavy stuffs in their grocery bags.

You may also mix half the content of the powder juice in sachet form now and keep the other half for later mixing. Just fold the opening of the sachet several times and secure with a rubber band or stapler and keep in your bag or drawer. You may then open the sachet again for a second mix later in the day. With most liquid juices, you have to consume the whole thing at once, once you open them, especially if you gulp them from their bottles.

It is definitely more convenient for you and your customers if you sell purple corn juice powder. It’s easy to stuff 20 or even 50 sachets in a small shoulder bag and take it with you wherever you go to sell them. And it’s cheaper to sell the powder in small sachets, especially when Filipinos love buying in small packaging (tingi) to make the commodity affordable to them. For both consumption and business purposes, purple corn juice powder has lots of advantages.

Now, just for the purpose of discussion, why hasn’t anyone thought of purple corn juice in tea bags? You can soak the tea bags for both hot and cold drink preparations, and this will be handier for everyone. Don’t you think?

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