More Vitamin C to Lose Weight

380x285-cz5tRecent health studies show that you need more Vitamin C daily to lose weight, and that people who find losing weight difficult is likely to be lacking adequate amounts of Vitamin C in their bodies. Vitamin C has to do with the fat burning properties of carnitine stored in the body. This fat-burning substance is triggered to action by Vitamin C.

Thus, when you seriously lack Vitamin C, you’re likely to be overweight and find it hard to reduce weight. Sometimes, no matter how hard you diet and exercise, your weight doesn’t change–you may even seem to be gaining more. And it’s all due to a severe lack in Vitamin C. What do you do?

Eating natural foods rich in Vitamin C may help some, but it’s not the main solution. Most foods we believe to be rich in this vitamin actually have less of it due to Vitamin C evaporation. It’s easy to lose this vitamin when you mishandle food or allow it to be exposed too long to the sun or the elements. The best way to get the vitamin from natural food like citrus fruits is to eat them as soon as they’re picked from their trees.

But that’s often near to impossible to do. So we remedy this by supplementing with natural food supplements rich in Vitamin C. And one of the most powerful ways is taking purple corn supplements. Purple corn, especially coming from Peru, is rich in Vitamin C. And taking natural Vitamin C is the best way to get non-acidic Vitamin C so we can take enough to sustain our needs for the day.

“Enough” is not taking 1 capsule or one sip a day. Most times, especially if our body functions need so much from Vitamin C–like getting immune boosts and helping you lose weight–one dose is not enough. Unfortunately, you cannot take more than 1 dose of synthetic Vitamin C a day because of its acidity, harming you more than providing you health protection in the long run. But with natural Vitamin C sources like natural purple corn supplements, you can take enough without side effects.

Just take purple corn daily to get your natural Vitamin C requirements. The recommended dosage is 50 t0 60 ml of liquid purple corn juice a day or 2 to 3 times of 500 mg purple corn capsules a day. There’s no overdose because natural Vitamin C is easily eliminated from the body everyday. Your body does not store Vitamin C. However, harmful residues from synthetic Vitamin C may be accumulated in your body and do you harm later.

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