Purple Corn Neutralizes Unhealthy Eating

marinated pork kebabsWe all are guilty of unhealthy eating now and then, even health buffs. Sometimes we find ourselves in places where no healthy foods are available. Eating in vegetarian restaurants is no guarantee that we’re eating healthy. Even some vegetable protein processed products are unhealthy. Not only that, some “fresh” vegetables are not really that fresh.

Especially in Manila, most eateries and fast foods around here serve unhealthy foods mostly fried in overused cooking oils. And often, you have to dip them in unhealthy sauces or gravies. The worse thing is, you have no choice but to eat them. And while you eat them you might as well enjoy them, because after all, you have no choice.

That’s why you need to take natural food and health supplements regularly, like purple corn supplements. Purple corn has anthocyanin, an antioxidant, that helps fight toxins in food, plus its carcinogens. Commercialized food carry great amounts of fats, carbs, and chemicals in the form of preservatives and coloring, plus the carcinogens produced by re-heating fast food.

That’s not to mention the carcinogens in grilled or roasted food, or food cooked through direct contact with fire. We enjoy these meat foods because they’re juicy and tasty. But their sellers never tell us how they are full of carcinogens that may lead to cancer.

With regular intake of purple corn supplements, we get enough antioxidants like anthocyanin, and Vitamins C and E, to fight carcinogenic materials that destroy our body cells. Even if we find ourselves with no option but to eat unhealthy foods, we can neutralize their bad health effects with health supplementation.

But this does not mean we can now enjoy eating unhealthily with the availability of purple corn supplements. It’s not a license for us to eat anything we want–or do any vices we want, for that matter. Supplements are just small helps to our health. They are not designed to make us totally immune to unhealthy eating habits or lifestyles.

So, take purple corn capsule supplements with you when you go out of the house. Take a blister to have enough. Or take a small bottle (250ml) with you in case you get caught in a “trap” of eating in unhealthy fast food stores. Preventive health measures are always better than curative measures.

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