The Versatile Purple Corn Juice Liquid

Purple-Shake-01-510x348Liquid Juice is best for a Trad Juice Business

If you’re contemplating a traditional (trad) business selling purple corn, you can do it best with purple corn juice liquid. There are two reasons for this–you can sell it pure in bottles, and you can mix the liquid juice in other fruit beverages or desserts. With the latter, you can make purple corn juice liquid more affordable.

Especially in Manila and other places where people prefer buying in small amounts than in bulk, mixing purple corn juice liquid with other fruit juices or desserts and adding the cost to the price can make you a better business than selling it pure in big bottles at high costs. Purple corn juice is compatible with shakes, sundaes, fruit salads, and fruit beverages, giving them added flavor, quality, and health value.


Add purple corn juice to ice cream and soda or milk shakes. After making the shake, add a 60 or 70 ml portion of purple corn juice like a syrup. Or, mix it along with the milk and ice cream. It also gives the finished product a unique color. Works best with vanilla, strawberry, and cheese flavors–though it works well with any flavor. It may even neutralize the sugar content of the shake, making it a “healthy” shake.


Top ice cream sundaes with purple corn juice. It can go well with thick chocolate toppings, too. You may also add in some fruits like bananas, peaches, or apples–or a combination of them. You may also create a purple corn sundae by mixing the juice into the ice cream during the churning process and before freezing it. Thus, you can also have a “healthy” sundae this way.

Fruit Salads

How about a mixed fruit salad con chicha morada on your dessert menu? That would be different and arouse curiosity. Simply mix the juice into the salad together with the dressing and cream, You get a unique salad color, flavor, and added health value.

Fruit Beverages

This is simpler to make. Just blend all the fruits together with the juice. You may add milk or a small scoop of ice cream on top. If you want pure, healthy fruit drinks, then blend everything pure plus the juice.

Then charge extra for the cost of the juice. If a bottle of 1000 ml costs you P800, simply divide 1000 ml by 60 or 70 ml. You get 14 portions of 70 ml each from 1000 ml. Then divide P800 by 14 to get your cost per portion, which is P57 or say P60 per portion. Then add P65 or P70 to your shake, sundae, or salad cost.

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