How Much Purple Corn Supplement is Enough for Health?

purple corn drinkIt’s funny how some people try purple corn supplements for a day or two and then expect tremendous results. For instance, there was this guy with difficulty breathing who tried one purple corn capsule. When nothing changed in his health the next day, he decided it wasn’t effective. So, how much purple corn supplement is enough for health and healing?

It’s like food–how much of it is enough to get rid of hunger? It’s never enough. You have to eat food daily, 3 times a day. And in reality, it’s like this–say, you’ve been starving for 10 years, eating nothing but a small piece of bread daily. If you start getting good nutrition and enough food, you can’t take big amounts at once in one sitting. You have to eat a little at a time which may not satisfy your ten-year starvation all at once.

The same with health supplements. One capsule cannot undo your years of eating food laden with chemicals and toxins, plus the pollution around you. You will have to take natural health supplements for life, with or without ailments. The same is true with purple corn supplements. Set a budget for it to be taken daily as long as you live.

You don’t solve your body’s need for nutrition in one sitting with one meal. It’s funny if you think your body nutritional needs can be solved permanently with one meal. You will have to eat 3 meals daily to do this. And you need to set aside a daily budget you plan for a week or month. However, it so happens that food today are no longer packed with the nutrition we need. Food today, even “fresh” vegetables and fruits, are not that nutritious anymore. We have to accept this fact. So we need to take natural food and health supplements.

People with closed minds still mock and laugh about natural health supplements, until one day serious ailments conquer their bodies and they realize too late. Well, in a way, often it’s not too late, but they need to take mega doses of natural supplements for them to work, and no guarantee at that. Curative remedies are more expensive and risky. So why wait till it’s too late?

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