Counter Diabetes with Purple Corn Supplements

Diabetes is among top deadly diseases that afflict mankind today, even lethally. It is often due to insulin resistance–the natural insulin our bodies produce can no longer deal with the amount of sugar in the blood. This, in time, also destroys the kidneys and other body organs and may even lead to cancer. But the good news is, we can counter diabetes with purple corn supplements.

The main content in purple corn that does our health good as far as diabetes prevention is concerned is anthocyanin or C3G. It is a powerful antioxidant that has strong anti-diabetes properties. Anthocyanin counters insulin resistance and helps maintain normal levels of sugar in the blood. The best thing to take here is purple corn capsules which has zero sugar or sweetening.

Taking purple corn juice in liquid or powder form may give you some sugar or sweetening content that may affect your blood sugar count. There are some liquid forms that have zero sugar but they are rare. Some sweet liquid forms say they have “zero-sugar” but actually their sweetener may be more harmful than sugar. So, always be wary of their contents. And if I were you, I’d opt for the capsule form in this case.

You may not enjoy drinking purple corn capsules the way you can enjoy liquid juice, but you can enjoy their handiness (you may bring and take them anywhere you are), practicality, and simplicity, especially if you’re watchful of your blood sugar levels. Purple corn in capsule form is so simple that you can be sure what you’re taking is nothing but 100 percent purple corn content, no water, no sugar, no additives, no thickeners. If you’re a diabetic, you can be safe with them.

Moreover, you can take the content out of the capsule and mix it anytime in coffee, milk, iced or hot tea, other fresh juices, or even in just plain water. In this case, capsule is the most versatile. In addition, mixing it like that can help neutralize whatever harmful ingredient there is in other drinks, like aspartame-sweetened drinks. You never know when you need to neutralize or counter a harmful ingredient in what you’re eating or drinking–especially if you’re diabetic–so it’s advisable to take purple corn in capsule with you all the time. Just in case.

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