Breakfast and Purple Corn


If you want health, fitness, and weight loss, you need to know about the importance of breakfast and purple corn. Don’t ignore them. You have to take them seriously each day. And fact is, some health experts even say ignoring breakfast can send you early to your grave.

Breakfast is breaking the fast you did from your supper the day before to breakfast today. That’s usually 11 to 12 hours of fasting. Imagine how starved your digestive system is, and also how cleansed and ready to take in food–and readily and quickly absorb nutrients. But then, you skip breakfast and give it zero nourishment. That will affect your health negatively. And if done daily, it can weaken your immune system and body organs, like the heart.

Or, you eat unhealthy food during breakfast, like junk food, candy and other synthetic sweets, softdrinks, or French fries. Some take nothing in the morning but black coffee. Imagine the punishment you give your starved body. If you don’t eat breakfast, your digestive enzymes and acids attack your digestive flesh and result to serious ulcers. Worse, some people skip breakfast and then have a feast at lunch. That will cause your stomach lining to suffer stress and damage eventually.

But if you take healthy breakfast–like fruits, rice, eggs, fish, soya milk, nuts, some oatmeal, plus purple corn–you feed your body well after a long fast and cause nutrients in food to be absorbed better and faster by the body. And just imagine taking in all the health goodness of purple corn–be it capsule or liquid juice form. And imagine doing it daily. It won’t be hard to see yourself living to a ripe old age still up and about and healthy.

Moreover, eating healthy breakfast with purple corn helps you develop a sharp mind even in old age. Purple corn helps de-clog blocked blood vessels so that fresh supplies of blood always get to the remotest part of the body, even the brain. Steady supply of fresh blood means steady supply of oxygen, too. That means sharp mind. And together with a nutritious breakfast, your mind can perform at peak levels always.

So keep in mind–breakfast and purple corn. Take them daily.

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