Purple Corn Anti-Tumor Benefit


With the kind of food available in our modern world today, tumors seem to just suddenly pop up in people, sometimes even in healthy people. Tumors are often caused by carcinogenic elements in food, like chemicals applied on it, food cooked directly on fire, chemicals in meat, and the like. When bad or dying cells stick together, they become tumors. The good news here is about the purple corn anti-tumor benefit.

Purple corn has been proven in clinical studies to have cell-protecting contents called “anthocyanin” which is a powerful anti-cancer antioxidant. It is said to inhibit the growth of carcinogen triggered tumors in rodents and is believed by some health experts to produce the same effect in humans. In the Philippines, there have been lots of testimonies on how purple corn intake was able to thwart the development of tumors and arrest the activity of cancer cells in the body.

For cancers and tumors, we recommend taking half glass of purple corn juice 3 times a day. In worse cases, we recommend 1 glass 3 to 4 times a day, or more. Your body absorbs the right amount of anthocyanin as needed. Thus, cancer patients, needing more nutrition in the body, will take in more than usual. The key here is to take purple corn supplements while the patient is still able to take in food and drinks. Stage 4 patients often lose the ability to swallow anything because their bodies reject food or even liquids. Don’t let it come to this before applying purple corn supplements.

We also highly recommend taking sugar-free purple corn supplements, like those in capsule form, for a more effective treatment. Sugar feeds cancer cells, making the ailment worse. So, take in purple corn without any sweetener. You may also take sugar-free purple corn juice, but this often requires special orders.

Finally, the best is always preventive rather than curative measure. Before anything worse happens, start taking purple corn supplements today. Build up your immune defense system so that your body can have much better chances of fighting off diseases. Carcinogenic elements are around us all the time–pollution, chemicals, exposure to harmful radiation, and stress, to name a few–and we need natural health supplements to combat them on a regular basis.

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