Sub-Lingual Purple Corn Juice and Water Therapy

Immediately before this issue, we shared about purple corn juice sub-lingual intake on this blog. Now, we like to show you how sub-lingual intake goes perfectly hand in hand with water therapy for getting good health, and especially during an ailment.

Water Therapy

Water therapy is a good habit to develop early each morning. The idea is to drink 3 full glasses of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Better if you use alkaline water. After 30 minutes, you then take your sub-lingual purple corn juice. This method produces an action that helps:

1. In detoxification. Water therapy early in the morning helps your body eliminate toxins from its system. Early morning is when your body does its detox work. Water therapy will enhance this function to ease elimination through the bowels and urine.

2. Purple corn juice taken sublingually is easily absorbed in the body and helps the natural detoxification of the body systems when done early in the morning. The lymphatic system is especially helped, since it deals greatly with detoxification.

3. The purple corn juice you swallow [after your 2-minute sublingual intake] is immediately absorbed by the digestive system since water therapy detox has already been started. After washing out your system clean, the purple corn juice you swallowed can more easily do its work of promoting good health.

Purple Corn Juice

After water therapy has cleared the path, your purple corn juice can easily be put to work. Sublingually, it has bypassed the digestive system and a good amount has already gone directly to your body systems. But not all the purple corn juice in your mouth can be taken sublingually. What remains should be swallowed by your mouth. Anyway, what is swallowed won’t be too hindered by the digestive system since in it has been cleared by water. So, in a sense, purple corn juice is also absorbed well during digestion when done 30 minutes after water therapy early in the morning.

If you have an ailment to treat or if you want improved health, sublingual purple corn juice and water therapy is a powerful recommendation for you. How early is early in the morning? We recommend 5 or 6 am. If done daily, this routine has been observed to powerfully improve health conditions.

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