Purple Corn Dosage in View of Its Toxicity

In view of the findings we have summarized in one recent article, how do we take purple corn supplements, like juice and capsules? Is it safe to drink any amount of purple corn juice, for instance, because of its zero toxicity?

We have seen how clinical studies show that purple corn has no harmful toxicity, both to humans and animal labs. However, we strongly urge our readers to always abide by the law of balance–in everything, balance should be applied. Even drinking water needs a balance. Too much water in the body can also have ill effects. The same is true even with healthy foods.

For instance, vegetables and fruits are good for you. But if you eat too much–or if you eat only veggies and fruits–you create an imbalance in your body which may result to some adverse health effects. Our bodies also need protein and calcium from meats and dairies. The same principle applies in the science of supplements. We can’t take any one supplement in massive amounts at one time. Vitamin supplements are good but we cannot abuse their intake.

One disadvantage of drinking too much purple corn juice, for instance, is getting too much of its anti-inflammatory benefit. Our bodies need some property of inflammation to contain infection. For instance, the reason why your gums swell when your teeth have problems is to contain infection. Too much swelling is bad, but so is zero swelling. No swelling might mean your white blood cells are not working.

Though purple corn has zero toxicity, we do ourselves a favor by taking just enough of it everyday. We recommend 50 ml a day if you are healthy. Or, you can probably treat yourself now and then to a tall iced glass of purple corn juice–something like 250 ml, one or twice a week. Don’t drink a whole bottle of it daily.

And on more thing–drinking bottles of purple corn juice is a waste because you won’t benefit from its entire content. Each time you drink purple corn juice, you get about only 10 to 15 percent of the nutrition absorbed in your body. The rest is eliminated through urine or perspiration. So why waste your purple corn supplement?

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