Ebola and the Immune Defense



The immune defense system of the body was designed by God to hold back or fight against infections in the body. Thus, if you have a strong immune defense, your body can kick off any infection or ailment. However, the Ebola virus is a different infection. It kicks out the immune system–or more precisely, it blocks the effectiveness of our immune defense, practically paralyzing it to non-activity.

Thus, when Ebola sets in, the immune system is powerless to do anything and the virus can do whatever it wants without anything in your defense system checking or stopping it. The NewScientist.Com reported on the findings of Gaya Amarasinghe, a researcher at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, saying among other things that “Amarasinghe’s team found that the Ebola virus produces a substance called VP24, which blocks the channel through which interferon usually travels, crippling the immune system.”

However, the good news is that the World Health Organization has okayed the administration of a drug called ZMapp, which so far has been tested only on monkeys, the NewScientist article said. With the immune system knocked off, the logical stratagem then is to attack the VP24 with a drug for the purpose. Now, here is where purple corn juice can help.

If any drug, like ZMapp, proves effective in fighting off VP24, natural health supplements like purple corn juice can then aid in boosting the impaired immune system and put it back to good health. Hopefully, the drug and health supplements can work synergistically for the complete recovery of patients.

For now, Ebola remains a major threat against the immune system and it is best to stop the virus through preventive measures. In the meantime, it won’t hurt to buffer up your immune health with proper diet and regular exercise, proper rest and sleep, zero vices, plus the proper health supplements needed by the body.

2 thoughts on “Ebola and the Immune Defense

  1. What you share in part is true– but that’s not the rest of the story. A remedy has been known for many years, before this present Ebola found its way into the populations of West Africa.

    Knowledge of a remedy for Ebola has a history dating back to 10 April 2001. The link provided will reference Government Approval and Congressional Testimony (click on each) in the left hand sidebar of this link tinyurl.com/m5273xj.

    As a fellow WordPress blogger, I will gladly respond to any questions you may have that links DTA/DOD/AFRL/WHO/CDC/&FDA gagged suppliers of the remedy/ to having knowledge of there being a viable remedy to the Ebola of this present crisis.


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