Why Sublingual is Better than Gulp Intakes



Gulp intakes–or drinking purple corn juice in gulps–is more satisfying because you relish more on the delicious taste of the health beverage. Sublingual is taking in a small amount–about 50 to 60 ml or less–of the juice and let it stay underneath your tongue for 2 to 3 minutes. By the time the 2 minutes are up, the juice had lost some 60 percent of its delicious taste and swallowing it wouldn’t be that satisfying anymore.

But sublingual is definitely more powerful than gulp intake. In fact, medical science often uses it for the quick absorption of vital medicines, especially for cardiovascular remedies. If you want quick absorption and getting more from your health supplement, nothing beats sublingual intake.

When medicine or chemical makes contact with the mucus membrane located right under the tongue, it gets easily absorbed through it. The connective tissue underneath the epithelium is crowded with tiny capillaries which sip or absorb the medicine taken sublingually and is quickly and directly taken to the venous circulation. The same happens with purple corn juice sublingual intake.

Whereas, if you take purple corn juice through the digestive system, it goes through the “first-pass metabolism” via the liver before it gets to the main body circulation.

Thus, sublingual has faster and more efficient effectiveness than oral. Oral intake degrades the health supplement, first because of the saliva enzymes then by stomach bile or acids in the gastrointestinal tract. What more the monoamine oxidase, another tummy enzyme? Moreover, when passing through the liver, supplements are “altered” in the process of filtering and the effectiveness is somewhat affected so that you don’t get the original potency the supplement is supposed to give you.

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