Purple Corn and Respiratory Diseases



Among prominent health properties of purple corn is its anti-inflammation. This greatly aids in the treatment of some respiratory diseases that involves blocking of air passages due to inflammation usually caused by allergies. Asthma is a case in point.

Asthma is simply the inflammation of the air passages. When allergy sets in and the air ducts to the lungs are inflamed or enlarged, oxygen supply is diminished and the patient starts gasping for breath. Sometimes, taking purple corn supplements take effect on the spot, with personal testimonies on this reporting immediate relief and longer remedy without side effects.

However, in most cases, prolonged regular intake is necessary before any long term relief is noticeable. Most testimonies in the Philippines, for instance, indicate 3 to 6 months of regular intake before improvements in asthma were noticed. However, once the healing effect took place, the results were often permanent as long as the patient continued taking the purple corn supplement.

With upper respiratory problems, like post nasal drip (PND), purple corn can prove to be of great help as well. Post Nasal Drip is a cold condition where liquid mucous runs at the back of the nose (thus “post” nasal) and runs down inside the throat instead of through the nostrils and out. Prolonged exposure to PND can infect the throat and tonsils which can later affect the heart.

Purple corn is reported to be rich in Vitamins C and E, helping the immune system cope better against allergies which are believed to be the culprits behind post nasal drip. When the allergy sets in, liquid mucous becomes productive and steadily flows to the back of the nose and through the throat. With purple corn intake, however, the allergy can be stopped at production level and prevent the start of the cold.

The best treatment for respiratory ailments is drinking lots of water and taking supplements like purple corn juice or capsules–plus enough rest and sleep and exercises.

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