What Soy Curd and Purple Corn Juice Give You



Have you tried eating soy curd? In Manila, this healthy delicacy is called taho. It is soy in delicate, soft white gelatin form  sweetened with brown sugar syrup. It’s readily available in the streets sold as street food. If you are particular about clean food, there are stalls in malls selling soy curds.

But here’s the unique thing–have you tried it with purple corn juice? Get sweet and syrupy purple corn juice in a bottle and mix about 150 ml of it in a glass of sweetened soy curd and you get a powerfully delicious and healthy drink–even breakfast or snack! You can also blend it and put in some shaved ice for a cool healthy and refreshing drink before or after your workout.

It’s like flavored non-fat milkshake. Better yet, you can add in a little fresh milk (r even put whipped cream on top) for a really powerfully delicious treat you can take once a month–like a reward for some great accomplishment–even weight loss!

Both soy and purple corn have fat burning properties and antioxidant action. Soya antioxidant action is through its isoflavones said t be potent for healing purposes: According to CBN.Com, in an article written by Aaron Tabor, CEO and Medical Research Director for Revival Soy, one “research suggests that the isoflavones in soy are powerful antioxidants. Studies have reported that soy isoflavones alone (1) and in combination with vitamin C (2) reduce the oxidation of plasma LDL cholesterol. Scientific research has also suggested that soy consumption reduces plasma LDL cholesterol oxidation— the oxidation process turns bad LDL into a form that is even worse! (4) —and inhibits oxidative damage to the skin.”

This becomes better news when you see the fact how purple corn is rich in Vitamin C, and together with Soya, can effect a reduced LDL cholesterol oxidation, reducing the risk of getting atherosclerosis and other heart and blood pressure problems. This is not to mention the other antioxidant action present in purple corn, particularly  its powerful anthocyanin rich content which also helps in various ways fr health and healing.

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