Purple Corn and Arthritis



Arthritis is pain in the musculoskeletal system of the body particularly in the joints. Once you reach the age when this ailment often strikes badly, some experts say the suffering will be for life. But some take pain relievers to lessen their suffering but the unwelcome news here is that some pain relievers or killers have side effects. Purple corn supplements don’t.

In their testimonies, lots of regular purple corn users (like in the Philippines) report major relief from arthritis pains, some even “permanent” disappearance. Some fear that taking any corn supplement may make matters worse because any grain is thought to increase uric acid level in the body, aggravating the painful effects of arthritis.

But first of all, we must understand that grains like corn or even beans per se do not cause uric acid rise. Your fatty food intake does. If you are fond of eating pork and fatty innards like animal liver or gizzard and their fats, then you’re likely to have an increase in uric acid levels. Second, purple corn is no ordinary corn–it is rich in anthocyanin. Anthocyanin in an antioxidant that neutralizes acidity in the body, uric acid included.

Third, anthocyanin in purple corn is powerfully anti-inflammation. And the term arthritis being derived from two Greek words–arthron meaning “joints” and itis meaning “inflammation,” means purple corn anthocyanin is ideal for treating or alleviating pain caused by arthritis. Joint inflammation caused by defective sockets or ligaments can be neutralized with the help of regular purple corn supplement intake.

But purple corn is only a supplement. To treat arthritis, we need proper diet, exercise, and medication. We may even need proper medical diagnosis to determine what causes our arthritis. It may be caused by your genetic makeup, infection or allergies, physically demanding job, previous injuries, autoimmune disease, obesity, or perhaps food. There may be need for specialized drug treatment for your arthritis, and taking purple corn supplements alone isn’t enough.

But to be sure, taking purple corn supps can help. And make sure you have your doctor’s approval for it, though it has not side effects.

Purple Corn and Liver Cirrhosis



Liver cirrhosis is another deadly killer. It is caused by scar tissue in a badly battered liver. If you abuse your liver function, giving it hard work it is not designed to perform, you damage it severely leading to liver cirrhosis. Is this fatal? Well, it’s among leading causes of death.

What causes liver cirrhosis? First, if you’re fond of eating street food contaminated by the Hepatitis C virus, you’re likely to be candidate. You never know when someone infected with the disease dips his or her street food into the common sauce jar and contaminates it. Or, if you happen to eat in a restaurant where food handling is carelessly done. Or, the injection needle used on you had been used on a person who didn’t know he had Hepatitis C.

Second, if you have fatty liver. Fatty liver is caused by heavy drinking of liquor, especially if this is accompanied by eating of fatty finger food. Most drinkers like drinking with fatty snacks. If they do this often (sometimes even on a nightly basis) liver cirrhosis is likely to set in. And because this disease seldom shows symptoms, it would be too late when they discover the ailment in them.

Third, if you are an alcohol abuser which leads to fatty liver, as already explained.

With the liver malfunctioning, nothing will filter out the toxins and poisons from the food you eat and the toxins produced during digestion. Your blood is likely to be poisoned and along with that, some episodes of high blood pressure and heart  disease perhaps.

Here’s how purple corn supplements can help you.

First, this Peruvian health drink may help you prevent fatty liver.  Purple corn anthocyanin is a good body fat regulator and helps wash out or burn excess fats. Second, it helps detoxify the body of toxins and chemicals induced during digestion. Third, anthocyanin helps invigorate cells in the body that may stabilize body organ health.

But purple corn supplement intake is NEVER a license for you to abuse your liver function. Some people go on abusing their liver because anyway they have purple corn to neutralize the side effects of abuse. Any supplement abused this way will never be effective in the long run. And, liver cirrhosis should be treated with medical science by a medical doctor. So, consult your purple corn supplement intake with your doctor.

Purple Corn and Eyesight



If you have difficulties seeing, maybe purple corn is just what you need. I have heard a lot of testimonies about users getting rid of their glasses because taking purple corn supplements regularly has corrected their eye vision. And why is this so? It’s because this natural supplement is rich in lutein.

Actually, lutein has no direct effect on the eye itself. But many eye vision problems are due to clogged blood vessels to the eyes. Without enough blood circulating to your eyes, your vision is affected. There may be fat deposits blocking free blood flow to your eyes, causing your weak or blurred eyesight. Purple corn anthocyanin and lutein can greatly help here.

Lutein promotes good eyesight because it promotes blood vessel health. Anthocyanin can help flush out clogging in blood vessels while lutein give the vessels firmness and flexibility that prevent obstructed blood flow. Together, they can improve your eyesight. It remains to be seen though if purple corn has beneficial effects against eye cataracts.

Kids’ eyesight is also helped with regular intake of purple corn supplements. In fact, it is a better alternative for synthetic vitamins. If your child already needs eyeglasses to read at an early age, purple corn supplement intakes may help improve or even restore eyesight to normal. The same thing with adults who hope to get some improvements on their vision.

In Word War II, British pilots were said to have been given doses of natural anthocyanin to improve their natural night vision. They needed improved nocturnal eyesight during air strikes or operations done under cover of darkness. Purple corn is rich in anthocyanin!

So, if you have some difficulty reading or seeing, why not try taking purple corn supplements regularly? You enjoy the delicious refreshing taste at the same time that your poor eyesight is remedied. The good news is, it has no side effects.

Purple Corn and Varicose Veins

varicose veinsIf you have been pestered by the pain that varicose veins give, you should try taking purple corn supplement regularly. Regular intake promotes vascular health and smooth blood flow. When your veins swell, blood flow is inhibited and both the inflammation and the impeded blood flow cause the pains. But suffer no more with purple corn supplements.

Anti-Inflammatory Property

Purple corn anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant present in the corn, has anti-inflammatory effects that prevent swelling of the blood vessels and veins. Sometimes, unknowingly or with full knowledge, we eat food bad for a varicose vein condition. Soon, our veins swell and give us excruciating troubles. But purple corn anti-inflammation effects can help alleviate the inflammation and give some relief. But the supplement should be taken regularly so that come swelling, the condition can be quickly neutralized.

If the purple corn supplement is taken only during the swelling and pain, the relief may not come at the desired moment. Thus, intake should be regular so that the relieving effects are ready in your body. The good thing about this supplement is that, it doesn’t give you any side effect, unlike some synthetic medicines. So with or without varicose veins attacks, take purple corn supplements.

Rich in Lutein 

Secondly, purple corn is rich in lutein. This important micro-nutrient is good for vascular health, firmness, and flexibility. To get your veins always in good shape and peak health, give it a dose of vein health promoter by taking purple corn supplements regularly. Lutein makes your veins and blood vessels flexible so that an expansion or elongation will not cause stress on the veins, preventing pain during an attack.

Moreover, the anti-inflammation effect will take care of any swelling so that it doesn’t affect you for long but will provide ease immediately. The anti-inflammation will also eliminate the unsightly bulge of your veins on your legs in due time.

Always remember, supplements seldom give you quick relief when not taken regularly. And though their effects are often gradual, they do not end up in any side effect.

Ebola and Purple Corn



Ebola is so far the worst viral disease to hit human beings in this decade. It is a fatal virus that has a 50 percent chance of ending in death, even more. So far, no known treatment can remedy the disease and the best precaution is to prevent it from happening.

It was first termed as a haemorrhagic fever but later became EVD or Ebola virus disease when several other symptoms came to be associated with it, not just high fever. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the following are often the symptoms accompanying the onset of Ebola:

  • Headache
  • Fever fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Kidney and liver troubles
  • In some cases, internal and external bleeding
  • Low white blood and platelet counts
  • High liver enzyme count

Since no study on how Ebola can be cured has been published, it is best to observe preventive measures, foremost of which are proper hygiene and environmental cleanliness–and especially avoiding places where it is rampant, or avoiding crowded places. Aside from this, most viral infections are best prevented by a strong immune system. And a strong immune system is best done with Vitamin C. If we take enough fresh citrus fruits daily, this can boost immune power that fights sickness and ailments.

Recent studies on the Ebola virus, however, revealed that the VP24 in Ebola can stop the body’s immune system from stopping infections, especially the viral ion caused by Ebola. Since there is no sure cure yet for it, we probably have no choice right now but to hope that somehow, empowering the immune system would give us better chances of preventing it.

To supplement what nutrition we get from natural food like fruits and vegetables, food supplements can also greatly help. Among powerful food supplements is Purple Corn juice. This unique corn is grown organically in the mountains of Peru and contains the phytochemical anthocyanin responsible for the corn’s deep purple color. This corn pigmentation boosts the immune system powerfully so that even deadly diseases like cancers and diabetes are reported to be remedied in extraordinary ways.

Moreover, purple corn is also rich in natural Vitamins C and E which are good for immune boost.

With viruses, purple corn has flavonoids known to have anti-viral properties that help alleviate viral ailments like the flu. It is hoped that regular intake of purple corn juice can boost the immune system to a point where it can translate to a powerful anti-viral protection that can also neutralize the Ebola virus. At this stage, this remains to be seen. But the possibilities are there.

“Healthier” GMO Blood Oranges with Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanin-bar-chart-2.11According to a news article on Zeenews.India.Com, some British scientists reportedly genetically “improved” simple oranges and changed them into a healthier kind of blood oranges. Such oranges, they insisted, could be mass produced and at cheaper cost.

“Blood” oranges are colored thus from pigments called “anthocyanins” which, according to some clinical tests, give powerful health benefits, like the anythocyanin found in purple corn. Among top benefits of this phyto-chemical is decreasing your risk of suffering a stroke, heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes, among others.

The pigmentation is found in crops and fruits with blue, purple, violet, or red colors and which are observed to develop well only in certain climates. In the case of purple corn, the best varieties come from the high mountains of Peru, particularly Machu Picchu.

Meanwhile, Norwich John Innes Centre researchers have pinpointed the gene causing the pigmentation and manipulated it to eliminate the need for anthocyanin to develop only in cold climates, said the Daily Telegraph. That gene has been applied into seeds into Valencia oranges and scientists hope to get the first results from this genetically modified plants by year’s end. This engineering of a cold-independent blood orange with higher anthocyanin cannot be done except through genetic engineering, said Professor Cathie Martin accordingly.

Well, the sad part here is the need to use the GMO process just to produce blood oranges with anthocyanin. The much better alternative–if we’re talking of getting the benefits of anthocyanin–is just to get organic and all-natural purple corn varieties from Peru which are said to have the highest amount of anthocyanin compared to other crops or fruits.

All purple corn farms in Peru are said to be organic, free from any chemicals, and most importantly, free from any genetic engineering. There has been an uproar against genetically modified (GMO) crops, particularly applied to corn, which certain sectors say is extremely harmful to human health. Even if these GMO crops are fed domestic animals, not humans, the meats and milk of these animals are consumed by humans in the long run.

Purple corn from Peru is the safest abundant source of anthocyanin to date. The richest corn part that has lots of anthocyanin are the corn husk and cob which experts say give 80 percent of the phyto-chemical, compared to only 20 percent given by the corn grain itself.

Purple Corn Dosage in View of Its Toxicity

In view of the findings we have summarized in one recent article, how do we take purple corn supplements, like juice and capsules? Is it safe to drink any amount of purple corn juice, for instance, because of its zero toxicity?

We have seen how clinical studies show that purple corn has no harmful toxicity, both to humans and animal labs. However, we strongly urge our readers to always abide by the law of balance–in everything, balance should be applied. Even drinking water needs a balance. Too much water in the body can also have ill effects. The same is true even with healthy foods.

For instance, vegetables and fruits are good for you. But if you eat too much–or if you eat only veggies and fruits–you create an imbalance in your body which may result to some adverse health effects. Our bodies also need protein and calcium from meats and dairies. The same principle applies in the science of supplements. We can’t take any one supplement in massive amounts at one time. Vitamin supplements are good but we cannot abuse their intake.

One disadvantage of drinking too much purple corn juice, for instance, is getting too much of its anti-inflammatory benefit. Our bodies need some property of inflammation to contain infection. For instance, the reason why your gums swell when your teeth have problems is to contain infection. Too much swelling is bad, but so is zero swelling. No swelling might mean your white blood cells are not working.

Though purple corn has zero toxicity, we do ourselves a favor by taking just enough of it everyday. We recommend 50 ml a day if you are healthy. Or, you can probably treat yourself now and then to a tall iced glass of purple corn juice–something like 250 ml, one or twice a week. Don’t drink a whole bottle of it daily.

And on more thing–drinking bottles of purple corn juice is a waste because you won’t benefit from its entire content. Each time you drink purple corn juice, you get about only 10 to 15 percent of the nutrition absorbed in your body. The rest is eliminated through urine or perspiration. So why waste your purple corn supplement?