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To most people, purple corn is a strange product. Most people I’ve talked to never saw a purple colored corn in their lives. They get curious, and all the more when they find out the powerful health benefits of this strange corn from Peru. But then they wonder, is it good for them? What are the side effects, if any? What if they’re taking some maintenance medicine? Will there be complication? The next thing you know, they ask you where it can be bought, especially if they’re not from Peru.

You may be among them–you’ve heard of purple corn supplements and are interested to try it. But you have lots of questions about it. You don’t know where to go or who to ask. Well, Purple corn Glimpses is here to help you. You can drop in any time to see the latest articles here and get some tips on how to use the products. And talking about how to use the products, you may also ask us about the proper dosage to take for certain ailments–or for one with normal health.

To do your inquiries, simply use the comment space by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” link on the top right side of every article. Then we’ll get to you as soon as we can. We can also point you where you can buy purple corn supplements–juice, capsules, powder, and raw materials–online to enjoy delivery of the product to your place.

In short, Purple Corn Glimpses can be your health coach on purple corn supps. We can help you maximize your use of the product for total health effects!

Get updates and fresh infos on purple corn when you visit this site regularly, and you may do your inquiries here as well. We can also coach you on how to get started with your purple corn business if you opt to have one in the future. We have made this site available for folks who are looking for an alternative health, fitness, and healing product that’s delicious and easy to take, without any complications. Purple corn is it!

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Breakfast and Purple Corn


If you want health, fitness, and weight loss, you need to know about the importance of breakfast and purple corn. Don’t ignore them. You have to take them seriously each day. And fact is, some health experts even say ignoring breakfast can send you early to your grave.

Breakfast is breaking the fast you did from your supper the day before to breakfast today. That’s usually 11 to 12 hours of fasting. Imagine how starved your digestive system is, and also how cleansed and ready to take in food–and readily and quickly absorb nutrients. But then, you skip breakfast and give it zero nourishment. That will affect your health negatively. And if done daily, it can weaken your immune system and body organs, like the heart.

Or, you eat unhealthy food during breakfast, like junk food, candy and other synthetic sweets, softdrinks, or French fries. Some take nothing in the morning but black coffee. Imagine the punishment you give your starved body. If you don’t eat breakfast, your digestive enzymes and acids attack your digestive flesh and result to serious ulcers. Worse, some people skip breakfast and then have a feast at lunch. That will cause your stomach lining to suffer stress and damage eventually.

But if you take healthy breakfast–like fruits, rice, eggs, fish, soya milk, nuts, some oatmeal, plus purple corn–you feed your body well after a long fast and cause nutrients in food to be absorbed better and faster by the body. And just imagine taking in all the health goodness of purple corn–be it capsule or liquid juice form. And imagine doing it daily. It won’t be hard to see yourself living to a ripe old age still up and about and healthy.

Moreover, eating healthy breakfast with purple corn helps you develop a sharp mind even in old age. Purple corn helps de-clog blocked blood vessels so that fresh supplies of blood always get to the remotest part of the body, even the brain. Steady supply of fresh blood means steady supply of oxygen, too. That means sharp mind. And together with a nutritious breakfast, your mind can perform at peak levels always.

So keep in mind–breakfast and purple corn. Take them daily.

Purple Corn Juice Energy Booster and Ailment Crusher

chris-paul-1Exhaustion–a lot of negative things can be triggered by this energy drain. And it’s often caused by stress. If you fail to remedy stress, then all infections and ailments can easily invade your health. Stress makes your body too acidic and a favorite breeding ground for diseases. So you have to get rid of stress and exhaustion.

The number one stress demolisher is happiness and workout. In short, doing the physical activity that you love to do after a stressful event, like doing a sport after office or business, preferably with your family or people you love being with. But how can you do a sport or workout when the fact is, stress at the office or business place has already exhausted you? Further pushing yourself like that can only lead to more stress.

The answer is supplement on energy. You need a fresh source of energy that can be quickly assimilated by your body, like a refreshing healthy all-natural drink. Liquids are known to be more easily absorbed by the body compared to food or health supplements in pill or capsule form. Thus, taking purple corn juice is ideal for this purpose.

For instance, tired from a hectic day at the office or business, you may choose to eat a healthy snack before working out. But eating food takes hours to digest and assimilate into the body. You may opt for a carb or protein boost to quickly energize your body, but carbs are too heavy and may affect your workout performance. Protein is good but it may take a bit longer before your body processes it. So, opt for liquid protein, like those in shakes.

Here’s where purple corn juice can come in. It can boost your energy level quickly, refresh you, and give you renewed gusto to do your favorite sport no matter if you suffered too much stress the whole day already. It also has lots of Vitamins C and E to protect your body from further stress, infection and ailments. So you get not just energy but immune protection and body resistance–something carbs and protein will not give you.

Weight Loss Purple Corn

purple corn lose weight

Clinical tests have shown that purple corn, particularly the health action of its anthocyanin, can help in weight loss. The test was done with rodents who were given amounts of purple corn extracts. Purple corn “prevented these (blood glucose, insulin, and leptin) excesses from occurring,” in the rodents, normalizing their levels in the mentioned readings.

Thus, the conclusion was that purple corn can help influence fat storage regulation and prevent the accumulation or concentration of adipose tissue. Scientists believe that if it had that effect on mice, there’s a great possibility the same is true with humans.

Purple corn anthocyanin powerfully controls large amounts of lipids in the liver, as well as control high triglyceride levels. The Peruvian juice has the ability to check an enzyme complex experts call fatty acid synthase or FAS. FAS is responsible for catalyzing the synthesis of palmitic acid–a fatty acid where synthesized fat molecules are derived–coming from an excess in glucose. A decrease in palmitic acid decreases body fats. Such fat reduction results were seen in the liver and adipose tissues of rodents when the action of purple corn anthocyanin took place.

Hence, purple corn has fat storage regulation properties that make it a powerful supplement for weight loss. The more you take purple corn supplements the better for your weight loss goals. What more if you incorporate it with good diets and workouts? This slimming formula is a fast strategy for effective fitness. Excess fat your body does not need is automatically eliminated through the natural fat storage regulation of the body, with the aid of purple corn, along with diet and exercise.

But those who desire to add on a little weight and some flesh to change their too slim figure can also benefit from purple corn. Because it helps regulate body fat storage, it helps your body keep enough fat and weight ideal to your size. Purple corn does not make you skinny or obese. It helps you attain your ideal weight, size, and figure–with proper diet and exercise, of course.

It will be a lot more hard effort trying to get in shape with exercise and diet alone without supplementation like purple corn supplements. To make things work faster, just enjoy purple corn supplements regularly.

How Much Purple Corn Supplement is Enough for Health?

purple corn drinkIt’s funny how some people try purple corn supplements for a day or two and then expect tremendous results. For instance, there was this guy with difficulty breathing who tried one purple corn capsule. When nothing changed in his health the next day, he decided it wasn’t effective. So, how much purple corn supplement is enough for health and healing?

It’s like food–how much of it is enough to get rid of hunger? It’s never enough. You have to eat food daily, 3 times a day. And in reality, it’s like this–say, you’ve been starving for 10 years, eating nothing but a small piece of bread daily. If you start getting good nutrition and enough food, you can’t take big amounts at once in one sitting. You have to eat a little at a time which may not satisfy your ten-year starvation all at once.

The same with health supplements. One capsule cannot undo your years of eating food laden with chemicals and toxins, plus the pollution around you. You will have to take natural health supplements for life, with or without ailments. The same is true with purple corn supplements. Set a budget for it to be taken daily as long as you live.

You don’t solve your body’s need for nutrition in one sitting with one meal. It’s funny if you think your body nutritional needs can be solved permanently with one meal. You will have to eat 3 meals daily to do this. And you need to set aside a daily budget you plan for a week or month. However, it so happens that food today are no longer packed with the nutrition we need. Food today, even “fresh” vegetables and fruits, are not that nutritious anymore. We have to accept this fact. So we need to take natural food and health supplements.

People with closed minds still mock and laugh about natural health supplements, until one day serious ailments conquer their bodies and they realize too late. Well, in a way, often it’s not too late, but they need to take mega doses of natural supplements for them to work, and no guarantee at that. Curative remedies are more expensive and risky. So why wait till it’s too late?

Appetite Control with Purple Corn

Appetite control is key to losing or gaining weight. Some people want to lose weight. Some people need to gain. For either aims, purple corn supplements are helpful. It helps regulate your appetite for food–it can help lessen your food intake if you need to lose weight and help trigger your appetite if you need to gain weight.

Some experts call this our body’s natural balance or homeostasis. A healthy body naturally and automatically balances everything in it–fat storage, cholesterol, bacteria or gut flora health, sleep, and appetite. A healthy body always gets rid of anything it doesn’t need and retains enough of what it does need. You won’t have to worry about balance.

So, what you need is normal body health–which purple corn can help give you. If you take enough of this health supplement, it will help your body regulate food intake. If you lack enough nutrients because you don’t eat well, purple corn will help your appetite pick up a bit so you’d eat enough. However, it’s up to you to eat healthy food, not unhealthy, junk food. Purple corn will just assist you tickle your appetite. What you eat is entirely up to you.

If you have excess food intake, purple corn can help you reduce food intake by regulating your appetite. You will find that you feel full most of the time. A lot of purple corn supplement users report this phenomenon most of the time.

The same with sleep. If you lack sleep, purple corn intake may help you feel sleepy often. But if you sleep too much, it may make you energetic to keep alert during the day and feel less sleepy, giving you enough amount of sleepiness at night. A lot of purple corn users report of having energy through the day and not feeling tired or sleepy. But when night time comes, they sleep soundly.

Purple corn helps make the body healthy and able to balance things to promote further health. With its rich Vitamin C and E contents, it can powerfully make our bodies healthier and go back to their normal functions–especially the part involving balancing acts. With its antioxidant, anthocyanin, it can help fight off free radicals that destroy the natural health balances of our body.

More Vitamin C to Lose Weight

380x285-cz5tRecent health studies show that you need more Vitamin C daily to lose weight, and that people who find losing weight difficult is likely to be lacking adequate amounts of Vitamin C in their bodies. Vitamin C has to do with the fat burning properties of carnitine stored in the body. This fat-burning substance is triggered to action by Vitamin C.

Thus, when you seriously lack Vitamin C, you’re likely to be overweight and find it hard to reduce weight. Sometimes, no matter how hard you diet and exercise, your weight doesn’t change–you may even seem to be gaining more. And it’s all due to a severe lack in Vitamin C. What do you do?

Eating natural foods rich in Vitamin C may help some, but it’s not the main solution. Most foods we believe to be rich in this vitamin actually have less of it due to Vitamin C evaporation. It’s easy to lose this vitamin when you mishandle food or allow it to be exposed too long to the sun or the elements. The best way to get the vitamin from natural food like citrus fruits is to eat them as soon as they’re picked from their trees.

But that’s often near to impossible to do. So we remedy this by supplementing with natural food supplements rich in Vitamin C. And one of the most powerful ways is taking purple corn supplements. Purple corn, especially coming from Peru, is rich in Vitamin C. And taking natural Vitamin C is the best way to get non-acidic Vitamin C so we can take enough to sustain our needs for the day.

“Enough” is not taking 1 capsule or one sip a day. Most times, especially if our body functions need so much from Vitamin C–like getting immune boosts and helping you lose weight–one dose is not enough. Unfortunately, you cannot take more than 1 dose of synthetic Vitamin C a day because of its acidity, harming you more than providing you health protection in the long run. But with natural Vitamin C sources like natural purple corn supplements, you can take enough without side effects.

Just take purple corn daily to get your natural Vitamin C requirements. The recommended dosage is 50 t0 60 ml of liquid purple corn juice a day or 2 to 3 times of 500 mg purple corn capsules a day. There’s no overdose because natural Vitamin C is easily eliminated from the body everyday. Your body does not store Vitamin C. However, harmful residues from synthetic Vitamin C may be accumulated in your body and do you harm later.