Where to Buy Purple Corn Supplements



A lot of people are intrigued by a corn that is purple or blue in color and they want to try the product, usually in liquid or juice form. And once they taste it, most of them get hooked. It has a gentle fruity flavor that combines the delicious tastes of peaches, grapes, prunes, kiwi fruit, and a bit of your favorite cola drink, especially when taken ice-cold.

In fact, lots of people swear it’s more delicious than the world’s most popular cola drink!

So, people wonder where they can buy purple corn juice and other supplements like purple corn powder or purple corn capsules. Of course, Purple Corn Glimpses is one source. Simply accomplish the form below if you want to buy it from us. Or, you can try visiting the supplement store or Peruvian food shop nearest you. But chances are, there may not be enough purple corn supplements around your place.

Some of the best sources for Purple Corn Juice come from Peru, though some nearby countries also produce quality blue corns. In Asia, especially in the Philippines, purple corn supplements are seldom available in stores or shops. Instead, you buy them through network marketing dealers or by becoming a registered member of networking companies that sell it.

Purple corn supplements are usually more easily available online, like through Purple Corn Glimpses, and often more affordable than if you buy it in special health supplement stores in malls. And because it is rarely available in stores and shops, it is usually good business offline. Just know where to get it cheaply wholesale, and Purple Corn Glimpses can help you with this.

We can even help you buy raw purple corn for cooking, using it as flavoring for another food product, or for planting. Purple corn is versatile and has a lot of uses for both cooking and health purposes.

Choosing a Peruvian Purple Corn Juice

Beware of fakes. If you will invest your hard earned cash on a health supplement, make sure to get nothing but the real thing. With purple corn juices, there are unscrupulous companies who either sell fakes or adulterate the genuine ones to earn more. Always get the best quality. And Purple Corn Glimpses helps you how.

Riosisa Chicha Morada

41k9oWhPucL._SL250_Enriched with Vitamin C, this purple corn juice brand or Chicha Morada has natural antioxidants and is perfect when mixed with pineapple bits or lemon. You get extra Vitamin C supplementation from the rich source found in purple corn and pineapple or lemon. This purple corn brand comes in 2-liter bottles at only less than US$20 as of this writing. To further enhance the taste and give you added refreshment, Riosisa is mixed with apple and cinnamon for that extra perk and refreshing taste.

The best purple corn juice concentration is that which has a certain thickness in texture and sweet fruity flavor. A lot of people who get their first taste of this juice comment how it is more delicious than their favorite cola drink, especially when taken ice-cold. Some folks pour the juice in a tall glass filled with ice cubes to get the most out of it.

RioSisa Purple Corn Juice Jugo de Chicha Morada

418dw5HwHJL._SL250_Another Riosisa purple corn juice option is Jugo de Chicha Morada in smaller 16 Fl. oz bottles for easier handling and carriage. This 12-pack variant is enriched with Vitamin C and comes straight from Peru. Purple corn juice is great for personal consumption of retailing business, especially if your locality has not yet heard about a corn that is naturally colored purple. This is purple corn juice’s selling power–it rouses curiosity in many people so that a great percentage of prospects buy it for the experience, and then get hooked on it. More so once they learn how powerfully healthy the product actually is!

Most corn varieties are either yellow or white. Most people have never heard of a purple, blue, or violet corn. In some countries, it is called “the blue corn,” and if yu tell people that these Peruvian corn is really dark blue or purple in color, they marvel at it and become nosy–making them easy potential customers.

Gloria Chicha Morada Purple Corn Nectar

51xSVwNOEZL._SL250_The manufacturers proudly announce that Gloria Chicha Morada Purple Corn Nectar comes fresh imported from Peru! One pack is 33.8 Fl. oz. and makes a liter of juice. It has no preservatives or artificial colors. What you see is what you get, content and color. A pack costs less than US$11 as of this writing. The purple corn pigment is purple because of the antioxidant content dominant in it–called Anthocyanin by nutrition experts and plant scientists.

Actually, 80 percent of the anthocyanin is derived from the husk and cob of the corn and only 20 percent comes from the grain itself. But you don’t normally eat the husk and the cob–humans eat the grain. But the good news is, purple corn liquid or powder juice makers have processed the husk and the cob for us and turned them into easily prepared and drinkable juice.

For inquiries on the above purple corn products, please use the form below:

The Versatile Purple Corn Juice Liquid

Purple-Shake-01-510x348Liquid Juice is best for a Trad Juice Business

If you’re contemplating a traditional (trad) business selling purple corn, you can do it best with purple corn juice liquid. There are two reasons for this–you can sell it pure in bottles, and you can mix the liquid juice in other fruit beverages or desserts. With the latter, you can make purple corn juice liquid more affordable.

Especially in Manila and other places where people prefer buying in small amounts than in bulk, mixing purple corn juice liquid with other fruit juices or desserts and adding the cost to the price can make you a better business than selling it pure in big bottles at high costs. Purple corn juice is compatible with shakes, sundaes, fruit salads, and fruit beverages, giving them added flavor, quality, and health value.


Add purple corn juice to ice cream and soda or milk shakes. After making the shake, add a 60 or 70 ml portion of purple corn juice like a syrup. Or, mix it along with the milk and ice cream. It also gives the finished product a unique color. Works best with vanilla, strawberry, and cheese flavors–though it works well with any flavor. It may even neutralize the sugar content of the shake, making it a “healthy” shake.


Top ice cream sundaes with purple corn juice. It can go well with thick chocolate toppings, too. You may also add in some fruits like bananas, peaches, or apples–or a combination of them. You may also create a purple corn sundae by mixing the juice into the ice cream during the churning process and before freezing it. Thus, you can also have a “healthy” sundae this way.

Fruit Salads

How about a mixed fruit salad con chicha morada on your dessert menu? That would be different and arouse curiosity. Simply mix the juice into the salad together with the dressing and cream, You get a unique salad color, flavor, and added health value.

Fruit Beverages

This is simpler to make. Just blend all the fruits together with the juice. You may add milk or a small scoop of ice cream on top. If you want pure, healthy fruit drinks, then blend everything pure plus the juice.

Then charge extra for the cost of the juice. If a bottle of 1000 ml costs you P800, simply divide 1000 ml by 60 or 70 ml. You get 14 portions of 70 ml each from 1000 ml. Then divide P800 by 14 to get your cost per portion, which is P57 or say P60 per portion. Then add P65 or P70 to your shake, sundae, or salad cost.

More Vitamin C to Lose Weight

380x285-cz5tRecent health studies show that you need more Vitamin C daily to lose weight, and that people who find losing weight difficult is likely to be lacking adequate amounts of Vitamin C in their bodies. Vitamin C has to do with the fat burning properties of carnitine stored in the body. This fat-burning substance is triggered to action by Vitamin C.

Thus, when you seriously lack Vitamin C, you’re likely to be overweight and find it hard to reduce weight. Sometimes, no matter how hard you diet and exercise, your weight doesn’t change–you may even seem to be gaining more. And it’s all due to a severe lack in Vitamin C. What do you do?

Eating natural foods rich in Vitamin C may help some, but it’s not the main solution. Most foods we believe to be rich in this vitamin actually have less of it due to Vitamin C evaporation. It’s easy to lose this vitamin when you mishandle food or allow it to be exposed too long to the sun or the elements. The best way to get the vitamin from natural food like citrus fruits is to eat them as soon as they’re picked from their trees.

But that’s often near to impossible to do. So we remedy this by supplementing with natural food supplements rich in Vitamin C. And one of the most powerful ways is taking purple corn supplements. Purple corn, especially coming from Peru, is rich in Vitamin C. And taking natural Vitamin C is the best way to get non-acidic Vitamin C so we can take enough to sustain our needs for the day.

“Enough” is not taking 1 capsule or one sip a day. Most times, especially if our body functions need so much from Vitamin C–like getting immune boosts and helping you lose weight–one dose is not enough. Unfortunately, you cannot take more than 1 dose of synthetic Vitamin C a day because of its acidity, harming you more than providing you health protection in the long run. But with natural Vitamin C sources like natural purple corn supplements, you can take enough without side effects.

Just take purple corn daily to get your natural Vitamin C requirements. The recommended dosage is 50 t0 60 ml of liquid purple corn juice a day or 2 to 3 times of 500 mg purple corn capsules a day. There’s no overdose because natural Vitamin C is easily eliminated from the body everyday. Your body does not store Vitamin C. However, harmful residues from synthetic Vitamin C may be accumulated in your body and do you harm later.

Advantages of Purple Corn Juice Liquid

Generally speaking, all purple corn supplements are good but here are some advantages of purple corn juice liquid for those of you who love drinking delicious and refreshing natural health juices. Peruvian purple corn juice liquid ready to drink are available online.

What’s more refreshing than a tall glass of ice-cold fresh and delicious fruit juice? You get enjoyment in 4 ways–body, flavor, thirst-quench, and health. You see how liquid juices can get 4 of your physical needs satisfied instead of just taking a pill supplement for health? You get more value for money with the 4 advantages of purple corn juice liquid.

1. Body Enjoyment

It does you so much good to be relaxed with a tall glass of cold health drink. If you need to relax from a hectic, stressful activity or refresh to think more clearly to make a serious decision, a nice cold drink often helps, especially if it’s a natural health drink like purple corn juice. You feel the smooth texture run down your throat and cool down your body with a delightful after-taste in your mouth. Then the natural fruity sweetness and nutrition invigorate you and give you more brain and body energy to face challenges anew. You feel new health flowing in your body.

2. Flavor Enjoyment

Pill supplements may also give you body vigor, no doubt, but not flavor enjoyment. You simply gulped pills with water and that’s it. Liquid juices, like natural purple corn juice liquid, also give you flavor enjoyment your tongue and palate get pleasure from. First, as you place the glass of purple corn juice near your mouth, you catch its delightfully sweet aroma. As you sip the juice, it tickles your appetite for good fruity beverage due to the subtle mix flavors like that of fresh pineapple, peach, grapes, kiwi fruit, and prunes all rolled into one. In fact, it’s more delicious than your favorite cola softdrink.

3. Thirst-Quench Enjoyment

No doubt, tall, ice-cold gasses of fresh fruit juices can quench thirst and bring back energy to your body after a hectic workout. This is because the natural sugar in fresh fruit juices go straight into your body, absorbed in no time to convert into energy and perk up your vigor. Imagine doing a one-hour jog and you’re all perspiring, so much fluid going out from your body, and you feel exhausted with that lack of electrolytes. Then you see a huge glass of purple corn juice, perspiring coldness, with a slice of fresh orange teasing you at the brim.

4. Health Enjoyment

Finally, you enjoy health and healing with the advantages of purple corn juice liquid. It is rich in in the antioxidant C3G or anthocyanin, lutein, Vitamins C and E, plus other vitamins and minerals.

Pill or capsule supplements are good, but only natural health liquid supplements can give you the above advantages.