The Purple Corn Glimpse blog is designed for simply sharing information about purple corn found in Peru. It does not officially represent any company dealing in purple corn nor is it an authority on any clinical studies on the same, except use relevant scientific or clinical data to share with readers new breakthroughs or developments on purple corn.

Moreover, this blog is not responsible for products purchased by readers through the product recommendations we make here. All we do is point readers to products they may choose to buy of their own accord, or refer to them certain purple corn brands. The reader or buyer is responsible when purchasing direct to the dealer or manufacturer. We are not a part or a representative of the company of the products we recommend.

Thus, any problems with delivery, product quality, purchases or payment, or anything involving the products and purchase thereof, should be directed to the dealer or manufacturer, not with us. We are not responsible for any of these.

This blog is also not responsible for any ill effects the products may have on the customers. It is the readers’ or customers’ responsibility to always consult their medical doctors about the purple corn products, or any product for that matter, before trying them, and also the suggested health, healing, or fitness tips, rudiments, or exercises suggested in the blog articles. In everything, get your medical doctor’s approval first–whether on using products or doing exercises. We will not be responsible for any untoward incident or event resulting from wrong application or use of the suggestions or products on this blog.

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