Purple Corn Lutein and Atherosclerosis

imagesAtherosclerosis is a diseases of the arteries. It is characterized by plaques of fatty material clinging to the arterial inner walls. As the patient eats more fatty food high in cholesterol, the plaques thicken and the pathway of the blood decreases in diameter. As this decrease in diameter progresses (vasoconstriction), atherosclerosis makes the patient hypertensive. And once the pathway closes with fatty deposits, a fatal stroke occurs.

Stroke can either be a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke. A heart attack due to stroke means a blood vessel near the heart (or to the heart) is totally blocked or has ruptured. A brain stroke means a blood vessel near the brain (or to the brain) is totally blocked or has ruptured.

The remedy for atherosclerosis is to widen the portion of the blood vessel where the blockage is building up without damaging the blood vessel. Some synthetic vasodilatory medicines that dilate (enlarge) blood vessels through a ballooning action can later make the vessel brittle and crack, in danger of suddenly rupturing or creating a fissure.

Thus, the better remedy is to take purple corn supplements regularly. Purple corn lutein does 3 things to remedy atherosclerosis:

  1. Promote blood vessel health to firm it up and prevent rupturing.
  2. Enable the blood vessel to be flexible for a ballooning effect when vasodilation happens.
  3. Prevent eventual cracking up of blood vessels.

When your blood vessels are stressed by fluctuating blood pressure (rising and lowering from time to time), they sometimes sustain light cracks. Fat deposits later cling to the cracks in the interior walls of blood vessels and build up there. Sometimes, calcium deposits join them, toughening the resulting plaque on the wall. When that happens, you have chronic hypertension, or long-term hypertension. This often creates complications on the kidneys. The more you need to take purple corn supplements regularly.

Purple corn anthocyanin can gradually lessen the clogs in your blood vessels through its antioxidant action. There are times when purple corn gets rid of the atherosclerosis and the patient is set free from hypertension. This however depends on several factors:

  1. The regularity of purple corn intake.
  2. The healthy lifestyle of the patient.
  3. The temperament of the patient.

Purple Corn Anthocyanin and Hypertension

aneurysm-rupturePurple corn anthocyanin helps treat hypertension. About 20 to 30 percent of Filipinos are afflicted with hypertension. It’s worse in other countries like the US. It is often caused by atherosclerosis or the accumulation and clogging of fat or calcium deposits on the arterial walls, stifling the flow of blood. When the walls become too narrow, or worse, finally close, hypertensive stroke happens.

Bad cholesterol flowing in the blood is not really a problem. As long as they do not cling to the blood vessel walls, you’re safe. But they cling once the walls crack. The crack is due largely to free radical damage as a result of stress. When your body is under too much stress, some of your blood vessels crack up and bad cholesterol, fats, and calcium get stuck there, build up, and clog blood flow, leading to atherosclerosis.

Purple corn anthocyanin can help you remedy this. Together with lutein in purple corn, anthocyanin firms up blood vessels at the same time they make them flexible enough to cause vasodilation, or the safe expansion of blood vessels to allow smoother blood flow and decrease blood pressure. Thus, regular intake of purple corn supplements promotes blood vessel health and normalizes blood pressure, alleviating hypertension, if not eliminating it.

Other synthetic drugs for hypertension also effect vasodilation, but eventually, the drug affects the blood vessels negatively, making them brittle or fragile, easily cracking up, even rupturing later, which is dangerous. Purple corn has no such side effect.

When taking purple corn supplements for hypertension, continue taking your maintenance medicine as prescribed by your doctor. But make sure you get regular checkups. As your cardiovascular health improves, your doctor may decrease your maintenance dosage. Let him do that–never self medicate. As your blood pressure improves, your doctor may recommend decreasing your medication, until he tells you to stop it.

Finally, as already mentioned above, taking purple corn has no side effects whatsoever. You can take its supplement form with or without maintenance drugs. In juice or capsule form, this health supplement easily gets digested and absorbed by the body. Taking it in juice form for hypertension, we recommend 60 ml before meals. If in capsule form of 500 mg, take it 2 to 3 times a day, preferably before meals.