Where to Buy Purple Corn Supplements



A lot of people are intrigued by a corn that is purple or blue in color and they want to try the product, usually in liquid or juice form. And once they taste it, most of them get hooked. It has a gentle fruity flavor that combines the delicious tastes of peaches, grapes, prunes, kiwi fruit, and a bit of your favorite cola drink, especially when taken ice-cold.

In fact, lots of people swear it’s more delicious than the world’s most popular cola drink!

So, people wonder where they can buy purple corn juice and other supplements like purple corn powder or purple corn capsules. Of course, Purple Corn Glimpses is one source. Simply accomplish the form below if you want to buy it from us. Or, you can try visiting the supplement store or Peruvian food shop nearest you. But chances are, there may not be enough purple corn supplements around your place.

Some of the best sources for Purple Corn Juice come from Peru, though some nearby countries also produce quality blue corns. In Asia, especially in the Philippines, purple corn supplements are seldom available in stores or shops. Instead, you buy them through network marketing dealers or by becoming a registered member of networking companies that sell it.

Purple corn supplements are usually more easily available online, like through Purple Corn Glimpses, and often more affordable than if you buy it in special health supplement stores in malls. And because it is rarely available in stores and shops, it is usually good business offline. Just know where to get it cheaply wholesale, and Purple Corn Glimpses can help you with this.

We can even help you buy raw purple corn for cooking, using it as flavoring for another food product, or for planting. Purple corn is versatile and has a lot of uses for both cooking and health purposes.

Purple Corn Diabetes Program



If you are a diabetic and taking maintenance, you may add a Purple Corn Diabetes Program to your regimen. This program is focused on reducing your body weight and checking your body fat storage, especially fat stored around the waist which many experts say greatly contributes to diabetes.

Health experts discovered that Vitamin C and exercise greatly reduced body weight. In fact, some are even saying that Vitamin C alone can reduce weight effectively. Here’s what Joseph Pritchard of HealthyLiving.Azcentral.Com has to say about Vitamin C and weight management:

“Inadequate vitamin C leads to a decrease in the use of fat during exercise, according to “Nutritional Metabolism.” Even while undergoing strenuous activity, the body is unable to metabolize fat without vitamin C. This may explain why some people do not lose weight despite regular exercise: Those people may be deficient in vitamin C. With sufficient vitamin C, though, you might increase your fat burning potential during exercise by as much as 400 percent.”

If you can maintain your weight at normal levels and your body fat content at tolerable levels, you stand a better chance of maintaining a normal blood sugar count. And here’s where purple corn will prove useful, particularly purple corn capsules. It is rich in natural Vitamin C and E. You can replace your synthetic Vitamin C with regular intake of purple corn capsules (not juice to eliminate sugar content). Then exercise regularly, at least 30  to 45 minutes a day. Brisk walking is highly recommended by most doctors.

Continue you with your regular medication and follow your doctor’s advises and instructions. If you begin to feel better and get to your ideal figure and weight, don’t try to alter your medication dosage. Let the doctor reduce or increase your dosage. This means you have to consult him regularly. Moreover, before you start your purple corn diabetes program, make sure to talk about it with him and get his approval on it.

Sub-Lingual Purple Corn Juice Intake

Speedy Health Effect Under the Tongue!

Here’s a powerful tip on how to maximize your purple corn juice intake. Instead of gulping down the juice right after you drink it, let it stay under your tongue for 2 minutes. Better yet, bend your tongue by pressing it hard against the roof of your mouth to fully stretch and expose the underside of your tongue–while you let the purple corn juice you sipped stay in your mouth.

Why is this necessary?

You see, underneath your tongue are multiple blood vessels which are thin enough to be easily penetrable by purple corn juice. If you let the juice stay under the tongue for at least 2 minutes, a good amount of it penetrates the blood vessels and goes directly to your body systems instead of having to go to your stomach and undergo the long process of the digestive system. With sub-lingual (under the tongue) intake, you bypass the digestive system and go straight for the body systems and organs.

This way, you get faster health results!

After letting the juice linger under the tongue for at least 2 minutes, you can then swallow it. Do this thrice or 4 times (especially if you’re sick with something) and then you may gulp the rest of the juice to enjoy its fresh, delicious taste. You may ask, why do the sub-lingual intake?

Allowing the purple corn juice to undergo the digestive processes may reduce its health effectiveness due to the digestive enzymes and acid that will come in contact with it during digestion. Also, it will take hours before your body finally absorbs it. With sub-lingual intake, you spare the juice of the digestive enzymes and acid that might reduce its potency and instead take it directly to your system full force. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for hours before your body absorbs the health nutrition of purple corn. It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

You can do sub-lingual intake with purple corn capsules, too. Simply take out the contents from the capsule, dissolve on water, and let the solution stay under your tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing it. With purple corn pills or tablets, let them melt under your tongue.