A Secret to Being Energetic the Whole Day



Most people need extra energy to last the day and still have enough left to spend with the family at the end of the day. If you’re an employee or a business person, you know it’s not enough just to provide your family with money. You have to give them quality time and effort.

With the kind of food available to us today–tarnished in quality due to chemicals and artificial additives plus mishandling of supposedly “fresh ” farm produce during delivery from farm to food stores–it’s little surprise that even if we ate lots of “nutritious foods” we’d still feel the lack of energy at the end of the day, especially when age gets the better of us.

Weekends are often spent resting all day long at home, sacrificing time that should be put in fun activities with the family. Instead, we’d rather jut watch DVDs, TV, or play computer games at home. No wonder family ties today are weaker than they were a generation ago. It’s all mostly because of lack of energy.

Then came the commercialized energy drinks–which do more harm than good to our health and energy level in the long run. Yes, they give us spur-of-the-moment energy but actually takes away about 80 percent of real energy from us eventually. Worse, they later give us high blood sugar levels and wreck our kidneys in the process, even leading to diabetes.

Here’s where purple corn supplements come into the picture. If you want natural and healthy body energy and remain energetic the whole day without ruining your sleep schedule, taking natural health supplements like purple corn supplements is the best way to go. if you take it regularly, you will gradually feel being energetic the whole day even with a hectic daily schedule. The secret is to take it regularly, and not just when you feel tired and weak–although taking it during exhaustion can also do wonders to your health and energy level.

Where to Buy Purple Corn Supplements



A lot of people are intrigued by a corn that is purple or blue in color and they want to try the product, usually in liquid or juice form. And once they taste it, most of them get hooked. It has a gentle fruity flavor that combines the delicious tastes of peaches, grapes, prunes, kiwi fruit, and a bit of your favorite cola drink, especially when taken ice-cold.

In fact, lots of people swear it’s more delicious than the world’s most popular cola drink!

So, people wonder where they can buy purple corn juice and other supplements like purple corn powder or purple corn capsules. Of course, Purple Corn Glimpses is one source. Simply accomplish the form below if you want to buy it from us. Or, you can try visiting the supplement store or Peruvian food shop nearest you. But chances are, there may not be enough purple corn supplements around your place.

Some of the best sources for Purple Corn Juice come from Peru, though some nearby countries also produce quality blue corns. In Asia, especially in the Philippines, purple corn supplements are seldom available in stores or shops. Instead, you buy them through network marketing dealers or by becoming a registered member of networking companies that sell it.

Purple corn supplements are usually more easily available online, like through Purple Corn Glimpses, and often more affordable than if you buy it in special health supplement stores in malls. And because it is rarely available in stores and shops, it is usually good business offline. Just know where to get it cheaply wholesale, and Purple Corn Glimpses can help you with this.

We can even help you buy raw purple corn for cooking, using it as flavoring for another food product, or for planting. Purple corn is versatile and has a lot of uses for both cooking and health purposes.

Rheumatism and Purple Corn



Rheumatism is often an old-age ailment of the joints and is characterized by sever pain in those areas. It is often seen as a relative of arthritis so that when it attacks the patient suffers from extreme joint pains, often involving the knees but not limited to them. It can also involve the ankles, wrists, knuckles, or even entire leg areas, almost disabling the patient.

Rheumatism is caused by inflammation or swelling and the pain usually worsens during cold weather. It is also worsened when there is too much intake of fatty food and obesity. The heavier a person with rheumatism is, the worse the problems become. Hence, an important part of treatment is diet, exercise, and healthy weight loss.

Rheumatism can be alleviated by pain-killing drugs which doctors recommend. Sometimes, when the pain becomes really unbearable and oral drugs seem ineffective, pain killers are injected. But all these remedies are only possible on doctor’s order.

Purple corn supplements can come into the picture as anti-inflammation or anti-swelling helps. It can also help lessen or sometimes even eliminate pain. With regular intake, swelling can be prevented, and when there is no swelling, the source of pain is stopped. Thus, more and more people testify about the effectiveness of purple corn supplements to suppress rheumatism, especially in tandem with prescription medication.

The best part is that purple corn supplements do not incur side effects. You may take it together with medicines safely, but of course with doctor’s consent–though the natural health  supplement does not have harmful effects. Simply put, it’s just like taking your medicines and then eating corn, or vice versa. To prevent pains like what rheumatism or arthritis give, regularly take 50 ml of it (in juice form, for instance) 3 times a day.

If taken only during pain attacks, purple corn supplement anti-inflammation benefits may take some time before working.

Best Sweetener for Purple Corn Juice



If you’re buying purple corn juice that is ready to drink, you will want it sweetened. What would be the best option for a sweetened purple corn juice (PCJ)? Even if you’re preparing your own PCJ, you will want to know what the best sweetener for purple corn juice is.


Some PCJ products are sweetened with sugar.  If you are a health buff, white sugar is definitely a no-no. And it will be such a waste of healthy purple corn juice if you just defeat the health purpose by using white sugar which is food for cancer cells and makes you easily susceptible to diabetes. Moreover, white sugar weakens your immune system so you easily get sick. If you have no other option but to use sugar, at least use brown sugar.

Fructose and Corn Syrup

They sound healthy at first–because fructose comes from fruits and corn syrup comes from corn. But remember, these are highly commercialized so that processing them brings in more profits to businesses that use them, rendering them highly unhealthy and even promotes kidney harm and blood sugar level increase. In fact, a lot of health and nutrition experts recommend staying away from them for sweeteners.


Aspartame is a powerful sweetener but a big no-no to health as well. Many health experts say it promotes cancer. Aspartame is used mostly to sweeten softdrinks and artificial powder juice drinks. So, before buying powder “fruit” drinks, see if it is sweetened by aspartame. And definitely, don’t sweeten your purple corn juice with it.


Sucralose is non-caloric so some experts say it is safe. But it is artificial, nonetheless. Anything unnatural has bad health consequences for you sooner or later because our natural bodies are designed to take only natural food.


Stevia is a non caloric and all natural sweetener derived from a South American herb called S. rebaudiana. The sweet leaves may not be as sweet as sugar or aspartame but it is powerfully sweet enough to give your PCJ a good refreshing and healthy sweetness. Stevia is recommended for diabetics with doctor’s approval, of course.

How to Make Your Own Purple Corn Juice



You can make your own purple corn juice drink if you want to. This way you can be assured of a totally chemical-free, all-natural home-made health beverage with lots of anthocyanin goodness. Here are what you need:

  • 8-10 corncobs of purple corn
  • 4 to 6 sticks of cinnamon
  • Several pieces of cloves (aromatic spice from a flower)
  • 4 to 6 chopped fresh apples
  • Fresh pineapple
  • Brown sugar

Place purple corn cobs in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Put in all the fruits and boil for 45 minutes to an hour. Then take out all the fruits and strain the juice into a container. Put in some sugar to taste. Let it cool down before putting into the refrigerator. Serve cold.

Isn’t the boiling process going to kill the anthocyanin and other nutrients in purple corn? Well, experts say anthocyanin is not affected by heat applied during boiling. But the same may not be true with other nutrients, like the Vitamin C in purple corn. Vitamin C is known to quickly evaporate when exposed to heat or when even merely exposed.

And this is one of the reasons why it is often better to buy purple corn juice supplements than make your own purple corn juice–you lose some nutrients in the preparation and heating process, and it’s not everyday that you have time to prepare and cook purple corn juice, especially if you are a busy executive or business owner. The process is further prolonged by the need to cool down the juice after boiling.

With purple corn juice supplements, you have the drink ready anytime you need it. You also benefit from the high-tech process of getting the purple corn nutrition intact even if the product went through the cooking process. Plus, you get the assurance and certification of your local food and drug agency that the beverage you are drinking is clean and safe, passing the government standard for quality.

What Soy Curd and Purple Corn Juice Give You



Have you tried eating soy curd? In Manila, this healthy delicacy is called taho. It is soy in delicate, soft white gelatin form  sweetened with brown sugar syrup. It’s readily available in the streets sold as street food. If you are particular about clean food, there are stalls in malls selling soy curds.

But here’s the unique thing–have you tried it with purple corn juice? Get sweet and syrupy purple corn juice in a bottle and mix about 150 ml of it in a glass of sweetened soy curd and you get a powerfully delicious and healthy drink–even breakfast or snack! You can also blend it and put in some shaved ice for a cool healthy and refreshing drink before or after your workout.

It’s like flavored non-fat milkshake. Better yet, you can add in a little fresh milk (r even put whipped cream on top) for a really powerfully delicious treat you can take once a month–like a reward for some great accomplishment–even weight loss!

Both soy and purple corn have fat burning properties and antioxidant action. Soya antioxidant action is through its isoflavones said t be potent for healing purposes: According to CBN.Com, in an article written by Aaron Tabor, CEO and Medical Research Director for Revival Soy, one “research suggests that the isoflavones in soy are powerful antioxidants. Studies have reported that soy isoflavones alone (1) and in combination with vitamin C (2) reduce the oxidation of plasma LDL cholesterol. Scientific research has also suggested that soy consumption reduces plasma LDL cholesterol oxidation— the oxidation process turns bad LDL into a form that is even worse! (4) —and inhibits oxidative damage to the skin.”

This becomes better news when you see the fact how purple corn is rich in Vitamin C, and together with Soya, can effect a reduced LDL cholesterol oxidation, reducing the risk of getting atherosclerosis and other heart and blood pressure problems. This is not to mention the other antioxidant action present in purple corn, particularly  its powerful anthocyanin rich content which also helps in various ways fr health and healing.

Why Sublingual is Better than Gulp Intakes



Gulp intakes–or drinking purple corn juice in gulps–is more satisfying because you relish more on the delicious taste of the health beverage. Sublingual is taking in a small amount–about 50 to 60 ml or less–of the juice and let it stay underneath your tongue for 2 to 3 minutes. By the time the 2 minutes are up, the juice had lost some 60 percent of its delicious taste and swallowing it wouldn’t be that satisfying anymore.

But sublingual is definitely more powerful than gulp intake. In fact, medical science often uses it for the quick absorption of vital medicines, especially for cardiovascular remedies. If you want quick absorption and getting more from your health supplement, nothing beats sublingual intake.

When medicine or chemical makes contact with the mucus membrane located right under the tongue, it gets easily absorbed through it. The connective tissue underneath the epithelium is crowded with tiny capillaries which sip or absorb the medicine taken sublingually and is quickly and directly taken to the venous circulation. The same happens with purple corn juice sublingual intake.

Whereas, if you take purple corn juice through the digestive system, it goes through the “first-pass metabolism” via the liver before it gets to the main body circulation.

Thus, sublingual has faster and more efficient effectiveness than oral. Oral intake degrades the health supplement, first because of the saliva enzymes then by stomach bile or acids in the gastrointestinal tract. What more the monoamine oxidase, another tummy enzyme? Moreover, when passing through the liver, supplements are “altered” in the process of filtering and the effectiveness is somewhat affected so that you don’t get the original potency the supplement is supposed to give you.